Bdellium Tools Green Bambu 777 Shadow Brush Review

 Bdellium Tools calls their Bambu 777 Shadow Brush a "multi-purpose brush that can be used to shade the eye crease, line around the edges, cover the lower lid, and highlight the brow bone." This multi-functional eyeshadow brush sells for $9. I got it at Sydney IMATS as part of Bdellium Tools' 5pc Smokey Eye Set. All Bdellium Tools brushes are cruelty free. This shadow brush was made in China.

 Bdellium Tools Bambu brushes are available in three colors - yellow, pink, and green. The handles are made of coated bamboo - the brand logo and brush number are printed on the handle in grey letters. The silver metal ferrule is firmly attached to the handle. The soft, synthetic green bristles are dense yet flexible, becoming a little more sparse towards the slightly rounded tip. Bdellium's 777 is different from all my other eyeshadow brushes - its longer than most, with average width and thickness. To me, the 777 is like a cross between Urban Decay's Good Karma Shadow Brush and ELF's Essential Eyeshadow Brush. The Green Bambu 777 Shadow Brush washes well - powder and cream shadows slide right out of these bristles and it dries quickly afterwards. While I haven't experienced any shedding with Bdellium Tools' 777 Shadow Brush, I have had issues with this brush keeping it's shape. There are splayed bristles on both sides of the brush that seems to be getting worse with each washing. 
 As promised, Bdellium Tools 777 Shadow Brush can do almost everything - at least in terms of eyeshadow application. This flat brush is great for patting on both cream and powder eyeshadows. The 777 brush can be used for blending, though its not particularly effective. Bdellium Tools' Shadow Brush is also awesome for smudging out eyeliner. In a pinch, this brush also works decently for applying concealer to the under eye area.
Bdellium Tools' 777 Shadow Brush is good, but not quite as awesome as the other Bdellium brushes I have. This brush can do a lot - it applies, blends, and smudges eyeshadows well. I'm surprised and a little disappointed by this brush's slight splaying. I expect better from Bdellium Tools. While this brush is definitely good, I don't recommend the 777 Shadow Brush. Both ELF's Essential Eyeshadow Brush and Real Techniques' Shading Brush are cheaper, better quality, and just as multi-functional.  

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