NYX Purple Eyeshadow Review + Swatches

 An era has ended and NYX has discontinued and replaced their much loved and very popular single eyeshadows. Normally, I wouldn't review a discontinued product like NYX Purple Eyeshadow, but this product is still available on Cherry Culture and a handful of other e-tailers. I received this particular shadow in an Ipsy Bag. NYX says their single eyeshadows were "richly pigmented, easy to blend, and last many hours." Each NYX Eyeshadow contained 2.5 grams (.09 oz) and were sold for between $4-5. NYX is a cruelty free brand. This eyeshadow was made in China.

 NYX' old single shadows came in cute, sturdy, and easy to store square compacts with flip top lids. The lid features a clear window with the NYX logo printed on it. A label is affixed to the back of the compact. The shade name and number and full ingredient list are printed on the label. Packaging is recyclable.
 NYX old eyeshadow formula was hit or miss and I'm sad to say that Purple is definitely a miss. NYX Purple Eyeshadow feels mice in the pan, but that's just about the only good thing I have to say about it. Purple is difficult to pick up with a brush. This eyeshadow is depressingly unpigmented. Without a primer, it takes two layers to even show up. To get decent color payoff NYX' Purple needs to be packed on over a sticky base like the brand's White Eyeshadow Base. Purple resists blending. I get below average wear from this NYX eyeshadow, it begins to fade after four hours and it all goes down hill from there. That being said, Purple has never creased on me.
 NYX Purple Eyeshadow is a sheer, blue based light purple with a lovely satin finish. There's no visible shimmer in this shade. Purple has a very slight blue duochrome to it. Purpe would be pretty if it had a decent amount of pigment to it.
NYX Purple is a disappointment for me. This eyeshadow is difficult to work with, lacks pigmentation, and wears poorly. The color has potential - the satin finish is so pretty, and it combines with the cool, light purple well. I don't recommend stocking up on NYX Purple before its gone - there are much better options in NYX's old eyeshadow range. 

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