NYX Brighten Radiant Finishing Powder Review

 NYX says their new Radiant Finishing Powders will "illuminate the skin with an all over brightening effect. This multi-color powder finishes your makeup look and helps skin stay fresh and smooth looking." This setting powder is available in two shades, Sunkissed, and the subject of this review, Brighten. This pressed powder contains 12 grams (.43 oz) and sells for $9. NYX is cruelty free. The Radiant Finishing Powder was made in China.

 NYX' Radiant Finishing Powders are simply packaged. These pressed powders come in square, black compacts with a clear flip top lid. The NYX logo and product name are printed on the lid. The shade name and full ingredient list can be found on a label on the back of the recyclable compact.
 NYX' Radiant Finishing Powder has a nice, smooth texture in the pan. This pressed powder kicks up very little excess powder. I find that NYX Radiant Finishing Powder is best applied in a buffing motion with a small kabuki or domed powder brush. This powder provides no coverage - its not intended to. What it is intended to do is set liquid and cream foundations. To be honest, this is a subpar setting powder. The NYX Radiant Finishing Powder does nothing to improve longevity of any foundation I've tried it over - I can feel them sweating off half way through my work days. My foundation even transfers off my face and onto my clothes - a problem I've never had with any other finishing powder. Reapplication is crucial if you're depending on this powder to keep your makeup in place. This powder seems to be incapable of controlling oil. What's particularly strange about NYX' multi-colored powder is that it feels gritty to the touch on the skin, which is very, very strange.
 NYX Brighten Radiant Finding Powder is a six toned powder comprised of five matte pastel colors (green, yellow, blue, pink, and lavender), and a bright, white, glittery shade. Swirling all six shades of this powder together creates a sheer, cool, white hue with a satin finish. This colorful powder gives the skin a very brightened appearance (so if anything, the shade is aptly named). Unlike the very similar ELF Tone Correcting Powder, the sheer pastel shades don't do much for evening out the skin tone. The shimmer from the white shade is noticeable on the skin, but only right up close, otherwise it gives a soft glow. You must be careful to swirl your brush over Brighten as evenly as possible to get even distribution of shimmer.
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Its pretty rare for me to be disappointed by a NYX product, but their Radiant Finishing Powder let me down. The colorful, six toned powder is cute, but the quintet of pastel tones do little for legitimate color correction. The white shimmery shade gives this setting powder a rough, sandy texture on the face. This powder does jack for elongating the wear of my makeup. This powder does brighten the skin, as promised, but that's pretty much all it does for me. I think ELF's Tone Correcting Powder is a much better (and cheaper) option, and I recommend it over the NYX Radiant Finishing Powder.

P.S This is a potential dupe for Bobbi Brown's Porcelain Pearl Brightening Finishing Powder.

This product was gifted to me. 


  1. I've never tried the elf correcting powder, but I quite enjoy the NYX one

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

  2. Too bad this sounded so promising!


    1. I know right! I loved the concept of it.