Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix Concealer Review (61 Beige Clair)

 Bourjois calls their Touche Healthy Mix Illuminating  Concealer a "double action concealer for a brighter complexion and an instant anti fatigue result! It is enriched with light reflecting pigments to illuminate the darker areas of the face. Its unifying texture will glide onto the skin with a feather light feel and give you a truly illuminated result!" This under eye concealer is available in just three shades, my review features the lightest one, Beige Clair (61). I bought this concealer at Priceline for $20 AUD, its since been discontinued in Australia. This concealer is still sold in about half the countries Bourjois sells in. Bourjois does not test on animals. This product was made in France.

 Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix Concealer is housed in an opaque beige twist pen with a bright red cap. The Bourjois Logo, product name, directions, and general information are printed on the tube, but they started rubbing off the moment I removed the shrink wrap. The bottom of the pen twists, forcing product up through a small, silky brush. As per usual with brush on concealers, the brush is for product placement only, not blending.
 Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix Illuminating Concealer has been nothing but a disappointment for me. Bourjois wanted this to be both and illuminating concealer and a color correcting under eye concealer, and to be frank its neither, though it has characteristics of both. Like a highlighting concealer, Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix has a lightweight, fluid consistency that offers very little coverage. On the other hand, it features the orange tones of a corrective concealer. Those two traits do not go hand in hand. A dark circle corrector doesn't do much if its this sheer, in fact I think it kinda makes matters worse, but I'll touch on that in the next paragraph. The Touche Healthy Mix Illuminating Concealer does have some merits. This thin liquid concealer is easy to blend with a brush, sponge, or fingers. The formula offers a touch of moisture and it does not crease or settle in fine lines. I get acceptable wear from Bourjois' supposedly corrective concealer, roughly 6 to 7 hours.
 I have the sneaking suspicion that my tube of Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix Illuminating Concealer's shade was mislabeled. That or even the lightest of the three shades is super dark and super orange for me. Beige Clair (61) is a warm, very orange based light to medium shade. The sheer oranginess does little to cover my mild dark circles, instead it gives me a sickly, almost jaundiced look. Unlike many illuminating concealers, Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix does not contain any shimmer, it has a natural skin like finish.
Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix Illuminating Concealer is one of those products that tries to be a little bit of everything but ends up being a whole lot of nothing. The consistency of this concealer is easy to work with and wears well. However, its far too thin to offer the corrective benefits that Bourjois promises. I do not recommend this concealer, I'll probably be tossing mine out.