Renaissance Henna Stinky Neem Hair Oil Review

 Renaissance Henna says their Stinky Neem Oil is "reputed to strengthen hair but also to be a highly effective treatment for nits and for scalp conditions such as psoriasis, dandruff, and itchy and flaky scalp." This 100% natural oil is not only a scalp soother, but its also promised to smooth hair. I've previously used and reviews two other Renaissance Henna hair oils, but I was very hesitant to try their Stinky Neem Oil, because as the name implies, it smells awful. Renaissance Henna's Stinky Neem Oil contains 3.4 fl oz (100ml) and retails for £6.49 ($10 USD). This hair oil, and all Renaissance Henna products, are cruelty free and made in the UK. Renaissance Henna products are exclusively available through the brand's website, which ships internationally.

Renaissance Henna's Stinky Neem Oil comes in a clear bottle with a green twist off cap. A pink label is affixed to the front of the bottle. The label offers the brand name and slogan, product information and directions. All packaging is recyclable. 

Stinky Neem Oil. Man this is some stuff. This is a viscous, slightly chunky brown oil. This thick hair oil is difficult to spread through dry hair, your best off applying it to wet or damp hair. Unlike most oils, which I apply only to the length of my hair, I concentrate Renaissance's Stinky Neem Oil on my scalp and the upper most sections of my hair, spreading the residual oil through the length. I let this pungent oil sit in for roughly ten to fifteen minutes. Neem oil has proven to be difficult to get out. Even after rinsing, I still have to shampoo twice to get all the residue out. 

I never would've tried Stinky Neem Oil, but for a couple of months I've been dealing with an itchy, broken out scalp - exactly the kind of thing Renaissance says this oil will treat. I've used this oil once a week for roughly eight weeks and I've seen some definite improvements! My scalp has been far less itchy and the acne and residual sores have been healing quicker (Renaissance says this oil has anti-bacterial properties). On top of that, this oil is fairly moisturizing and keeps my hair silky. Renaissance says their Stinky Neem Oil can also treat lice, but I can't confirm that, thankfully. 

Stinky Neem Oil is very aptly named. This hair oil smells so awful. I'd describe it as diesel fuel, peanuts, and garlic. Hardly the medicinal scent Renaissance says this oil has. The scent is quite strong and lingers in the hair for over a day. The scent seems to be unable to be masked. 
I simultaneously like and dislike Renaissance Henna's Stinky Neem Oil. This foul smelling hair oil has improved the condition of my recently problematic scalp. At the same time, I find the very unique scent almost sickening. I'll continue to use this natural oil when my scalp needs extra care, but I doubt I'd purchase another bottle. While this oil is very effective, the scent is so hard for me to get past. If you've been having scalp issues Renaissance Henna's Stinky Neem Oil is definitely worth trying, but be away that it may turn your stomach as well. 

Cold Pressed Neem Oil 

This product was sent to me by Renaissance Henna for review purposes. I was not influenced by the brand in any way.