Bdellium Tools Green Bambu 953 Duet Fiber Foundation Brush Review

 Bdellium Tools, a line of pro makeup brushes based in Cerritos California, calls their 953 Duet Fiber Foundation Brush has having a "short, flat, domed shape provides easy and precise application of foundations, creams, powders, and emulsions. Creates very smooth textures on the skin. Ideally used with cream foundations." This stippling brush retails for $14. I got it for about half that at Sydney IMATS. Bdellium Tools is proud to be cruelty free. These brushes are made in China.

 Bdellium Tools offers their Bambu brushes in three color choices - green, pink, and yellow. The handles are made of environmentally friendly lacquered bamboo handles with silver metal ferrules. The brand logo and brush numbers are printed on the handle. The Green Bambu 953 Duet Fiber Foundation Brush features silky but stiff, very dense, supposedly hypoallergenic green bristles with longer, wispier white bristles. The 953 brush is shorter and more densely packed than most duo fiber brushes. This brush washes very well, product slides right out of the bristles. Neither the white, nor the green bristles stain. Bdellium Tools' Duet Fiber Foundation Brush dries very quickly. This brush keeps it's shape very well and does not shed.
 Initially I didn't love Bdellium Tools' Green Bambu 953 Duet Fiber Foundation Brush, but I've had a change of heart. This small stippling brush is great for cream blushers and bronzers and thicker foundation formulas. This brush causes thinner foundations to apply streakily. Creamier foundations are easily buffed into the skin perfectly, giving them fuller coverage than they usually have. This is the only brush I've found to work with Bourjois' Healthy Mix Foundation. My favorite use for Bdellium's 953 s contouring with cream bronzers like Covergirl's TruMagic The Sunkisser. The dense, round, and compact stippling brush fits perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks. This stippling brush is also good for applying overly pigmented powder products, though I find it gives them a bit of an uneven finish.
I quite like Bdellium's Green Bambu 953 Duet Fiber Foundation Brush! This brush is excellent for applying all sorts of cream face products. Personally I like it best for bronzer, but I can do a full face flawless with this stippling brush. As per usual with Bdellium Tools' brushes, the 953 Duet Fiber Fan Brush is of exceptionally good quality. I do recommend this brush to anyone who likes cream products. I'm just so, so pleased with this brush!