Starlooks Amethyst Gem Pencil Review

 Starlooks says their Gem Pencils are "created with a magnificent metallic finish and are so versatile, soft, and creamy that they can be easily used as liners as well as eye bases! Each highly pigmented, unique pencil has a gorgeous micro glitter finish." Starlooks offers six shades of Gem Pencil - this review is for Amethyst. Each Gem Pencil contains 2.4 grams and sells for $14. I received this eyeliner in a recent Ipsy Bag. Starlooks is a cruelty free brand; their products are made in Canada and China. Starlooks products can be bought through the brands website. The brand also offers a monthly subscription box that costs $15.

 Gem Pencils are wood pencils with a grey coating. A metal cap sits loosely atop the pencil. The Starlooks logo, product name, and shade name are printed on the pencil in black lettering. This pencil is made of smooth wood that doesn't splinter when sharpened, though it does smell pretty strongly of wood.
 I've had excellent experience with a Starlooks pencil in the past, so I was pretty excited to try their Amethyst Gem Pencil. This pencil eyeliner has a smooth, creamy consistency - it glides across the eyelids with no resistance. This pencil lays down a nice, opaque layer of color in just one pass. This eyeliner remains creamy and blendable for about 30 seconds before it sets. Sadly, the awesome texture is canceled out by the terrible wear. Starlooks' Amethyst Gem Pencil is fine for the first hour or two of wear, but then it slowly begins to migrate all over my face. The base color only smudges a little, but the glitter is a hot mess that ends up everywhere. So this isn't a great eyeliner - but Starlooks says thus pencil can double as an eyeshadow base - is it any better? A little. Eyeshadows adhere well enough to this base. Amethyst wears fro three to four hours on the eyelid before it starts to crease and cause glitter fallout.
Amethyst is a lovely color. Its a cool, pastel lilac base with loads of silver glitter. The massive quantity of glitter gives Amethyst a rich metallic finish. Blended out, the individual shimmer particles become more apparent and the color takes on a brighter, lighter appearance. Starlooks' Amethyst pairs beautifully with Lime Crime's Pearl-ple eyeshadow. 
I had high hopes for Starlooks Amethyst Gem Pencil. The texture is soft and very easy to apply and work with. The color payoff is excellent. Amethyst is a lovely silvered lilac with a metallic glittery finish. If this eyeliner didn't smudge and cause fallout I'd be in love. I can't recommend this pencil cause of its's poor wear. What a shame, this pencil had so much potential. 

Petrolatum, synthetic Japanese wax, aluminum powder (CI77000), hydrogenated vegetable oil, beeswax, isopropyl palmitate, theobroma cocoa seed butter, ceresin, carnauba acid wax, methylparaben

May contain:
[ carbon black, ultramarines (CI77007), red 7 lake (CI15850), red 22 lake (CI45380), yellow 5 lake (CI19140), chromium hydroxide green (CI77289)]

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