Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush Review

 Coastal Scents' Medium Shadow Brush is a "versatile brush ideal for applying any type of eyeshadow. The pony haired bristles are both wide in shape and condensed while remaining evenly distributed. This allows the artist to uniformly cover the whole eyelid in just a few simple strokes, which saves not only time but eyeshadow as well. This professional cosmetic brush can also be used for shading the crease and highlighting the brow bone with complete precision." This brush is also available in a synthetic bristled version. Both versions of Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush cost $2.49. I received this brush in an Ipsy Bag. This natural haired brush was made in China.

 Coastal Scents Medium Eyeshadow Brush has a long, lightweight black plastic handle; the brand logo is printed on the end of the handle in grey letters. A large metal ferrule is firmly attached to the handle. The brush head is large and slightly rounded - double in size and thickness compared to your average eyeshadow brush. The horse hair bristles are surprisingly soft and extremely dense. Unfortunately, Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush has a real shedding problem. I lose several bristles during use, and even more when I wash it. Coastal Scents' natural hair brush loses ten to fifteen bristles every time I wash it. The density of this brush causes it to dry quite slowly.
 If you can look past the horrible shedding problem, you end up with a decent brush. Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush doesn't pick up much product and it lays down a sheer layer of color. Because of this, when it comes to color placement I find this brush pretty disappointing. However, I love this budget friendly brush for blending! The soft, dense bristles manipulate powder eyeshadows beautifully, blending them together perfectly. The slightly rounded tip fits nicely into my crease. Actually, I like the Medium Shadow Brush better in the crease than for it's intended purpose of applying product on to the lid.
[sheddin' worse than my rabbit]
Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush is good for blending, but not so great for actually applying product. The overall quality of this brush is disappointing. While the handle and ferrule seem to be well constructed, but the horse hair bristles shed like mad. They end up on my face, in my eyeshadow pans, but worse of all a lot of these natural hair bristles end up in my sink when I wash it. I definitely do not recommend Coastal Scents' Medium Shadow Brush. The $2.49 price tag may be tempting, but honestly you're better off buying an ELF Eyeshadow Brush and Blending Brush - you'll get better quality, better functioning brushes and you'll save a couple quarters. 

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  1. And now I'll read a random list of words.

  2. I have the same brush but in the synthetic bristles. I have had it for the last 2 years and it has not shed even a single hair. May be it's the problem with the natural bristle ones?

    1. That's entirely possible, natural hair brushes are way more prone to shedding than synthetics.

  3. The shedding is a real shame! I just hate it when my brushes shed :( oh well, I'll give this a miss! Thanks for the review x