Wedding Planning is Weird and I Don't Care

Planning a wedding seems overwhelming and really lame. I don't think that's the opinion of most brides-to-be, but its certainly how I  feel. I genuinely do not care about all of the little things I've seen so many cousins and friends of the family go crazy over when planning their wedding. At the same time, Dean and I need to look like we're putting some effort into it because of the immigration process. I can't make any solid plans until after my visa is approved, and at that point everything is going to have to be thrown together in a panic. Because of that, I feel like I need to take care of little things like invitations now.  But like, where do I start?

I made a Pinterest board for dresses, so that's a start, right? I guess that's the only wedding related thing I'm fussed about. I know I want a dress that isn't any longer than knee length. I'm leaning towards navy blue or aqua. I'm just no down with white. My mother is insistent that I'll regret not having a long white wedding dress for the rest of my life. I really just can't see myself in one, I'm 5 feet tall and barely darker than the paper I'm writing this on.  My mother in law wanted me to wear her wedding dress, but she got married in the late '80s - I don't think I need to say more. My mum also wants me to go without my facial jewelry. I can inda see her point, but I'd rather wear my nice Swarovski jewelry than my unsightly clear retainers or open holes in my face.

The whole reception thing is going to be difficult. I'm hoping we can just have it at Dean's aunt or mum's house. They both have nice houses with large yards and it'd save us so much money. Our guest list will be relatively small - no more than fifty, so it'd be doable. I'm actually considering making a lot of the food myself. Yinz know that I'm a cook. I cook for way more than fifty people in a day, so I'm prepared for this. Plus I have a passion for making dainty, individual salads and desserts. Entrees will be a struggle though, maybe I'll have that part catered. I do know for sure that I want chocolate cupcakes though.

I literally could not give less of a fuck about decorations or favors or any of that stuff. I'll be skipping those completely. Flowers seem like such a waste of money to me. I'll be happy with some balloons.

Wedding fuss just seems kinda silly to me. I mean, I want it to be a nice day, of course, but I also want it to be affordable and easy to pull off. I have so many bigger things to worry about. I'm starting a whole new life in a new country, with a lot of hoops to jump through to stay there. Everything else seems so unimportant in comparison.


  1. I was kinda the same way with my wedding! We had a very small wedding with only 30 people, so close friends and some family were there. My dad is a chef so he was able to get food from where he was working at the time. A guy who he worked with baked cakes, so he did our wedding cake for cheap. Alot of what we had we put together ourselves with the help of my mother-in-law and father-in-law's girlfriend. A ton of it was DIY stuff we found from Pinterest. All in all I think we maybe spent just over $1000, and that is including my dress! It was a very stressful time because we didn't have alot of time to plan, but it all came together and it was a great day. Good luck with your wedding planning! :)

    1. Thanks! Its really encouraging to read that your big day came together so nicely!

  2. D and I are going through something extremely similar except we decided to do the bad thing and go into debt to have a big wedding with family coming internationally. I'm sure it will all come together beautifully for you!

  3. I was the same way! I tried to get myself "in the mood" for planning but it was crazy. The most exciting thing for me was picking my dress out after that I was like okay lets do this! LOL.. we had a small wedding about 70ppl or so... I did not going crazy with decorations but we had enough that it made it look like a wedding was going on. I did a lot of DIY's to save on money. I didn't spend money on real flowers I purchased silk flowers from a craft site online and made fabric flowers for the bouquets.. When it was all said and done I was happy with everything and glad it was over! LOL Good luck with everything!


  4. Whoever marries that mary girl would have to be a pre lucky guy, grats!