Twistband Hair Tie Review

Twistbands are "ponybrands and headbands made of elastic trim. They stretch to support any hairstyle yet are slim and sleek enough to wear on your wrist when you want to let your hair down. Twistbands are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics to compliment any style." Twistbands are the invention of Jessica Frandson, who created them shortly after having her first child. Twistbands launched in 2009 and became wildly popular shortly afterwards. Since their exploding popularity there have been many copycat products, like Goody's Ouchless Ribbon Elastics (which I love), but do they measure up to the original Twistband? I received two Twistband Hair Ties as an extra in a recent Julep Maven box. Twistbands are sold in sets of three, five, or six and sell for between $5-13. These hair ties can be bought through the brand's website. Twistbands also offers a monthly subscription service for $10/Month.

 Twistbands are available in plethora of colors, textures, and patterns. The two I received are silver and lilac with a shimmery finish. Each Twistband is made of a narrow strip of elastic that's looped and knotted at the end. These hair ties start off small and taut, but they stretch out easily and double in size after just a few uses. One reader told me you can toss these in the dryer to shrink them back to size, but I haven't tried that. Twistbands do not fray or snap.
 For years I used latex hair ties, but now I'm all about this style of elastic. Twistbands are awesome! They hold my ponytails in place all day and all night, no matter what I'm up to. I even wake up with perfectly intact ponytails. This style of hair elastic is fantastic because they don't dent your hair if you leave them in for several hours. These hair ties can be a little difficult to get out of my hair though. The slight grittiness from the shimmer in these hair bands catch my hair, taking a strand or two out with it.
[my hair is not this orange]
I really like Twistbands, they're definitely worth all their hype, but I'm not sure if they're worth their price. So many more affordable options are out there now. I hope to do a comparison post on Twistbands and their drugstore dupes in a few days. These elastic hair ties are cute and super functional - I've never experienced slippage when I'm wearing a Twistband. I don't think these hair bands will work for super fine hair, but most other hair types should be able to rock the Twistband without any problem. I do think these are a great hair tie, but I recommend saving several dollars and buying the nearly identical drugstore alternatives instead. 

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