Sample Say So: Pop Beauty Smokin' Hot Eyeshadow Sampler

 Pop Beauty has been a hit or miss brand for me. I recently received a trio containing three of the ten shades in Pop Beauty's Smokin' Hot palette in an Ipsy bag. According to Pop, their full sized Smokin' Hot Palette is comprised of "smokey hues" that "add definition and intensity to lids, creating a broad range of shadow looks that compliment all eye colours. From brightening bare to sultry smoke, these hues blend smoothly on to the lid, adding a veil of silky luster that will outlive the day and night" The Smokin' Hot palette contains 14.5 grams (.5 oz) of product and sells for $24. Pop Beauty does not offer information on their animal testing policy. This eyeshadow trio was made in China. Pop Beauty products are available through the brand's website; Ulta, Asos, and Duane Reade in America, and Debenhams in England.

Pop Beauty's Smokin' Hot Palette is cute, but cheaply packaged. Both this trio, and the full sized palette's circular eyeshadows are set into a lightweight black plastic palette. A clear flip top lid bears the Pop logo and a floral design. A double ended sponge tip applicator is included. Packaging is pretty similar to Claire's Ten Pan Palettes, which is not the kind of packaging I expect or appreciate from a mid-range brand like Pop.
[no primer, 2 layers each]
Pop selected three cool toned neutrals that look like they create a perfect smokey eye, but as a whole these eyeshadows just aren't very good. They're had, dry, and lack pigmentation. There's no point of using these eyeshadows without a primer, they barely show up. Used over a primer and carefully patted on, Pop's eyeshadows can be built up to have decent color payoff. All three shades are resistant to blending, they need some elbow grease an a good brush to achieve a blended look. The darker two shades cause a small amount of fallout. Wear is on the weaker end, creasing and fading set in after six to seven hours. 
The first shade in this trio is called White, but to me it appears to be more of a light silver. The copious amount of silver glitter lend this sheer, cool white a slight grey cast. White has an extremely frosty finish 
Next up is Grey, which is a cool, shimmery mid-toned grey with a moderate amount of silver shimmer. Grey can reflect quite bluish in some angles. The finish is somewhere between a frost and a shimmer.
Finally we have Black, which is a bluish, soft black. The base is matte with an overlay of silver sparkle. The glitter does not adhere to the base shade, causing a fair amount of fallout. Pop Beauty's Black swatches the worst but performs the best out of this trio. 
Based on my experience with these three eyeshadows, I definitely wouldn't bother with Pop Beauty's Smokin' Hot Palette. In no way could it be worth $24. Both the packaging and the quality of these eyeshadows do not match the price point. These eyeshadows have a stiff, dry texture and poor color payoff. You're better off buying eyeshadows from ELF. I definitely do not recommend Pop Beauty's Smokin' Hot Palette. 

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  1. I got the neutral trio in my bag, and I love it! It's really pigmented and smooth. Maybe this one was a dud? :/

    1. I'm glad that they work better for you. I hear that the neutral one is better quality than the smokey one.

  2. I love this pallette for a smoky eye respectful for work. However exactly like you stated, I would never pay $24 for it. $5 top is all it's worth.


    1. I think there are better smokey eye palettes for $5 honestly.

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