Royal&Langnickle Silk Pro C427 Dome Shadow Brush Review

 Royal&Langnickel's Silk Pro line "represents the pinnacle of brush quality.' Today I'm reviewing the Silk Pro C427 Dome Shadow Brush, which the brand says is "ideal for blending eyeliner into eyeshadow to create a smokey eye." This brush features "soft all natural hair gathered into a pencil shaped tip." The Silk Pro Dome Shadow Brush sells for $9.99 (I paid $3.50 at Sydney IMATS). Royal&Langnickel brushes can be bought through the brand's website (international shipping available) and a handful of beauty suppliers.

 Royal&Langnickel's Silk Pro Dome Shadow Brush is 6 inches long. The black handle feels like its made of lightweight wood. The Royal&Langnickel and Silk Pro logos are etched into the handle in silver letters on one side of the handle, the brush name and number on the other. The Silk Pro line features brass ferrules - unfortunately the one on my C427 is somewhat loose, a problem I've experienced with other Royal&Langnickel tools. Royal&Langnickel isn't specific what kind of hair this brush's bristles are, however they aren't particularly soft, they're a little scratchy actually. The natural bristles are densely packed into a small, stiff tip that comes to a rounded point. This brush is prone to shedding, I lose at least one bristle each time I use it. On top of that, there are quite a few splayed and displaced bristles. The C427 Dome Shadow Brush doesn't wash well, it sheds quite a bit, though it does dry quickly.
 Royal&Langnickel's Silk Pro Dome Shadow Brush is essentially a pencil brush, making it quite multifunctional. The shape and density of the C427 make it ideal for precisely applying color into the crease or outer v. I wouldn't say this brush is great for blending, since its on the stiff side, but it'll get the job done with some patience and circular motions. The Dome Shadow Brush is great for smudging eyeshadow along the lower lash line. Another use I've found for this brush is just touching a little bit of shimmer into the inner corner. All up, precision is Royal&Langnickel's C427's strong point.
I'm pretty neutral about Royal&Langnickel's Silk Pro Dome Shadow Brush. The overall quality of the C427 is sub-par; its usuable but not the luxurious professional quality tool Royal&Langnickel makes it out to be. The ferrule is loose and the natural bristles are a little rough and unruly. This brush is great for precise work in the crease and along the lash lines. While I think pencil brushes are an important part of any brush arsenal, I do not recommend this one in particular.

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  1. If it's so precise can I use it for my colouring book?