Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu 714 Flat Eye Definer Brush Review

 Bdellium Tools is a line of brushes designed by "talented makeup brush experts in Cerritos, California". Bdellium has quickly become my favorite brush brand and I'm pleased to bring you a review on the 714 Flat Eye Definer Brush, which is described as "a firm, flat shaped brush used to line and define eyes with color." The Bambu 714 brush retails for $8, I paid about half that at Sydney IMATS. All Bdellium Tools brushes are cruelty free and "handmade by artisans in China.

 Bdellium Tools Bambu line brushes are available in three color choices - pink, yellow, and green. The handles are made of coated, eco-friendly bamboo with the Bdellium Tools logo and brush number printed on them. The metal ferrules are firmly affixed to the handles. The light pink synthetic bristles are very firm, stiff, and short, densely packed in a squared off shape. Really, it's impressive how perfectly straight they're cut. This brush washes well, even the creamiest products come right out, yet not a single bristle sheds or splays. Unfortunately, the pastel bristles have stained a little grey, but I'm not fussed about it.
 Bdellium Tools 714 Flat Eye Definer Brush is a good, multifunctional brush. Obviously the 714 is best suited as an eyeliner brush. This firm, narrow bristles are great for wedging product right into the lash line. You'll never have a gap when you use this brush. The stiff, thin brush makes it difficult to create a flick, so you may want to reach for another brush when you get to your outer corner. The 714 brush is also really good for tight lining. An interesting alternative use for the 714 is as a lip brush. Once again, the stiff bristles and squared off shape are awesome for creating fine, exact lines.
[mid the lash gap. they got burned off at work again]
Bdellium Tools has knocked it out of the park again! Their Bambu 714 Flat Eye Definer is great for creating precise lines on the eyes and lips. The quality of this brush is up to par with the excellence I've come to expect from Bdellium Tools. No shedding or splaying with an overall solid construction - plus these pink brushes just look cute. I definitely recommend Bdellium Tools 714 if you want an awesome, affordable brush for lining eyes or lips.