Bath&BodyWorks Cinnamon Frosting Candle Review

 Bath&BodyWorks says their candles are made using the "highest concentration of fragrance oils and an exclusive blend of vegetable wax and lead free wicks. Our mini candles are contained in elegant glass and topped with a flame extinguishing lid. Mini candles burn approximately 10-15 hours." By no means am I a candle kind of girl, I think they're a silly thing to buy, but I was gifted this tiny candle in the scent Cinnamon Frosting, and I actually really like it. Each one of these tiny scented candles contains 36g (1.3 oz) and sells for $4.50. This candle was made in America.

 Bath&BodyWorks' Cinnamon Frosting Mini Candle comes in a small (2 in wide x 1.75 in tall) glass jar that's actually pretty weighty. The red candle fills 3/4 of the jar and features a single wick. The Cinnamon Frosting label features several cupcakes with write frosting. The scent name is written in white lettering against a deep red background. The scent name and description can be found on the bottom of the jar, along with directions on how to safely burn this candle.
 Cinnamon Frosting is described as a the "scrumptious scent of grated cinnamon and cloves, vanilla bean and whipped butter cream."  Pre burn, Cinnamon Frosting smelled strongly of spicy cinnamon with a creamy, sweet background. Once lit, Cinnamon Frosting has a surprisingly light scent through, just enough to fill the room with a hint of warm, sweet cinnamon and vanilla - hinting that someones been baking a few hours ago. I was pleasantly surprised at how light Cinnamon Frosting is, I expected it to be almost overpowering. Even after its extinguished, Cinnamon Frosting continues to scent the room for an additional 30-45 minutes. I should mention that this candle seems to be burning unevenly to one side.
Cinnamon Frosting seems to be a crowd pleaser! My whole family (dog included!) enjoys the scent. Bath&BodyWorks' Cinnamon Frosting is a warm, slightly spiced scent that'll make any room feel cozy without being too strong. If you like cinnamon scents, I recommend picking this candle up - its on sale at the moment!


  1. I'm burning mine right this second! I've found that my one doesn't kick off a ton of scent though :/ Annoying! T xx

    1. Mine isn't particularly strong, but enough to scent a room. This one is from the 2012-2013 season, is your's from this year? I know BBW changed candle formulas this year, so that could be part of it.