NPW Nail Polish Remover Pot Review

NPW is a UK variety brand that I never heard of before picking up their Nail Polish Remover Pot at Urban Outfitters. I was in desperate need of nail polish remover and short on cash, so when I was this 65ml (2.2 fl oz) bottle of nail polish remover on sale for just .99c, I couldn't refuse. This product regularly retails for $6. NPW says "this sponge saturated with polish remover means no mess - aka no need for cotton balls - just dip and twist for speedy, raspberry scented polish removal magic!". NPW Nail Polish Remover Pot is made in China. I can't find information on their animal testing policy. 

 NPW's Nail Polish Remover Pot is a white, plastic jar with a pink twist on cap. The front label is super eye catching, featuring a hand with a skittles manicure and some paint splatters. The product name is written in pink letters. Instructions and a diagram can be found on the side of the bottle, plus an ingredient list. When you remove the cap you'll see that a rough, black sponge fills almost the whole jar. A small sluit it cut into the center of the sponge. Packaging is recyclable.
 I've been wanting to try one of these spongey nail polish removers and while I'm still interested in the concept, I was sorely disappointed by this one. NPW's Nail Polish Remover Pot is an acetone free nail polish remover, which I hate. I was wearing a glitter polish (Julep's Julia) the first time I tried using NPW's remover, and almost nothing came off my nails. Fair enough, glitter polishes can be difficult, but it takes a lot of effort to remove even light, cream finish lacquers. NPW's Nail Polish Remover Pot has a strong, grossly artificial "raspberry" scent, but non of that traditional nail polish remover smell. Personally, I'd rather it smell like regular remover, it'd be far less pungent that way. This nail polish remover also has a strange, greasy consistency that's difficult to rinse away after use.
I really dislike NPW's Nail Polish Remover Pot. I like the packaging and the concept but the formula doesn't do much for me. This greasy, gross smelling nail polish remover struggles to serve it's purpose. Had I paid more than a buck for this product I'd be pretty annoyed. I've heard that you can pour the polish remover out and refill these sponge-style nail polish removers, so I plan to do that. Steer clear of NPW's Nail Polish Remover Pot, it definitely isn't worth your money. 

Propylene Carbonte, Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl Myristate, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Ascorbic Acid 


  1. Have you tried the target brand dip it? It's a little over two dollars, and after about 15 quick little dips, everything on the nail is removed. If you're still looking for a quick removing option, maybe try that?

  2. I love this type of packaging for nail polish remover but it's a shame this didn't work out! I really love not having to use cotton pads/balls and pouring remover- this kind is so much more convenient!

  3. Wow much savings, very 83% off