Karina Double Row Braided Headband

 Karina's Double Row Braided Headband will "give great texture to tousled looks." Normally, I wouldn't review something like a headband, but I've got a lot to say about this one. I purchased this headband at Ulta for around $7. I wasn't in love with the style of the Karina Double Row Braided Headband, but I figured a metal headband would be damn near unbreakable, plus I've had great luck with other Karina hair accessories (their claw clips are fantastic!). Unfortunately, none of that's true in the case of this headband. This double headband is comprised of two metal headbands glued together at the bases. Faux leather braiding is affixed to each headband, with two cloth pieces covering the ends of the headbands.

When I purchased Karina's Double Row Braided Headband, the two arches were about half an inch apart, but upon removing the price tag, they sprung apart to a distance of slightly more than an inch. This headband never really fit my head well, the slightest movements would cause it to pop off. Just a couple days after buying this headband, the cloth that covers the ends began to fray. I didn't think much of it, but they quickly deteriorated, exposing the glue that holds the sharp ends of the headbands together Eventually, the two headbands split apart on one side - causing the faux leather braiding to separate from the metal headbands.  Its going to take a lot of glue to make Karina's Double Row Braided Headband wearable again. I'm very unhappy with how quickly this headband broke, I wanted a metal band because I was tired of the plastic headbands randomly snapping, but this one had a shorter life span than most of the cheaper, plastic ones I've had in the past. Needless to say, I don't recommend Karina's Double Row Braided Headband, unless you only plan on wearing it a handful of times. Karina makes excellent hair clips, but I certainly won't trust this brand for headbands again.