Goody Athletique Ouchless Adjustable Yoga Wicking Headband Review

 Goody says their Athletique products will "provide you hold and comfort so you can be physically active and strong in body and mind." Wide band shape holds back fly aways. Velcro adjustable strap for the perfect fit. Moisture wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry. I received this headband courtesy of Influenster for review. The Athletique Ouchless Adjustable Yoga Wicking Headband (what a mouthful!) retails for around $6. Goody products can be bought at most drugstores, grocery stores, and major retailers. This headband was made in Thailand.

 Goody's Athletique Headband comes packaged in a cardboard backing that offers a small amount of product information. The headband is made of what I believe to be a soft, stretchy, knit spandex and polyester blend. The band is three inches wide and about two feet long. I hate the velcro adjustable strap. Hair and velcro do not mix - you cannot call this product "Ouchless" for that reason. The velcro, though secure, is prone to shedding. I didn't even know velcro could shed!
 Right off the bat I didn't think I was going to like Goody's Athletique Headband and I was right. No matter how tightly I adjust the velcro strap on the back, or how I position this headband its too large, causing slippage. The less-than-snug fit  means this headband isn't very good for holding back my bangs - giving me an awesome, retro Karate Kid look. I'll spare you the photos, it isn't cute. I haven't done much seating while wearing this cloth headband so I can't comment on how well the fabric wicks away sweat. I've seen a lot of girls wearing headbands similar to this one lately, so I guess Goody's Athletique Adjustable Yoga Headband is kinda trendy? Personally, I'm not a fan of the look.
[Velcro Shedding)
Goody's Athletique Adjustable Yoga Wicking Headband isn't for me. Its too large for me, so it fails to hold my fringe back, and really it just isn't my style. Though it seems to be holding up well, I think there's potential for quality issues - the Athletique's headband's velcro closure isn't the best. I think I'll be passing this headband on to someone whose more likely to use it. 

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This product was sent to me by Influenster for review purposes.