Blast from the Past: Max Factor Emerald Coast Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duo

 I was reorganizing my makeups and came across a very old friend! This is a Max Factor Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duo in Emerald Coast (180). I got this way back in the day (when Max Factor was still available in the USA), at least 7 years ago. I haven't touched it in ages, not sure why I still have it as I haven't touched it in at least 4-5 years. I'm going to be tossing it out, but I wanted to give it one last swatch. These loose eyeshadow duo is discontinued, but the brand now offers single pigments called Max Effect Dip Ins, with colors quite similar to the ones in Emerald Coast. If you fall in love with this product, you can still find it on Amazon. Click through for more.

 These pigments had small, angled sponge tip applicators. 
The vials of pigments were very messy. The necks of the vials are quite open, so product pours out far too easily. 
 The blue shade, now called Moody Blue, is a slightly chunky loose shadow that caused quite a lot of fallout. This shade has excellent, excellent color payoff, and a metallic finish.
 The green half of Emerald Coast was very chunky, but didn't cause as much fallout as it's sister shade. This color now goes by Vibrant Turquoise. This shade is also well pigmented, with a soft, shimmering finish
[Two shades blended, blue, green] 
Look how pigmented these were! That's with no primer! The textures are soft and blendable, and the colors are beautiful (thought a little garish). 

Have you ever had a Max Factor Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duo? Do you miss Max Factor in the US? Comment and let me know. 


  1. We don't have Max Factor here. I bought a mascara by them once while I was on a trip to the US but that's the only time I've ever seen the brand. This looks pretty cool though. The loose powder reminds me of these loose pigments I got from NYX years ago, they look so similar.

  2. I miss Max Factor in the US too. Sometimes I'm tempted to start a campaign to bring it back. It was such a classy, yet edgy brand. They had unusual nail polish colors before it was common.

  3. This is why Australia is bettr n.n