Bdellium Tools 925 Green Bambu Duet Fiber Fan Brush Review

Bdellium Tools is a line of brushes designed by "talented makeup brush experts in Cerritos, California." I've previously raved about a few other Bdellium Tools brushes - today I'm reviewing the 925 Duet Fiber Fan Brush. Bdellium says this fan brush is "ideally used to lightly apply or blend powders, the Duet Fiber Fan Brush is a flat, fan shaped brush that can also help to brush off any excess product." The Green Bambu Duet Fiber Fan Brush sells for $12, I paid around $6 at Sydney IMATS. All Bdellium Tools brushes are cruelty free and "handmade by artisans in China". Bdellium Tools brushes can be bought through the brand's website, at trade shows, and select beauty suppliers.

Bdellium Tools Bambu line is available in three colors - Green, Yellow, and Pink. The handles are made of eco-friendly, lacquered bamboo with silver metal ferrules. The brand logo and brush number are printed on the handle. The 925 Duet Fiber Fan Brush has soft, hypoallergenic, soft, short, and dense green bristles with longer, more sparse white bristles. Bdellium's Fan Brush is very wispy. Compared to ELF's Studio Fan Brush, the 925 Brush is half the thickness, a third as dense, slightly less pliable, and about 2/3 as wide as ELF's fan brush. Bdellium Tools' fan brush washes well, the green dye doesn't  bleed, and neither type of bristle seems to stain. There's nary a hair out of place and shedding is a non-issue. The 925 brush dries extremely fast.
As a rule of thumb, fan brushes are extremely multi-functional. That's true for the 925 Green Bambu Duet Fiber Fan Brush, but I feel like it's feathery construction makes this brush better for some uses than others. My favorite use for this fan brush is blending liquid highlighter and applying powder highlight. I also use this brush to very lightly apply loose setting powder. Bdellium's 926 Brush is a little too flimsy to accurately apply blush, bronzer, or contour. Bdellium Tools says their 925 Fan Brush can be used to brush away fallout, but I don't find it effective for that purpose. 
I like Bdellium Tools 925 Green Bambu Duet Fiber Fan Brush. The brush is excellent for highlight, its my new go-to for liquid and powder illuminators. I also love the look of this brush - its delicate and pretty - I intended to get the Pink Bambu version, I don't know why I didn't! Bdellium Tools fan brush is of the same excellent quality I've come to expect from the brand. I can't say the 925 Duet Fiber Fan Brush is a must have, it has limited function. That being said, if this brush seems like it has a place in your collection its well worth the price.