Royal&Langnickel Revolution BX-140 Combo Lash Comb Review

 Royal&Langnickel's Revolution BX-140 Combo Lash Comb features a "spoolie to apply mascara and metal lash combo to perfectly separate lashes." I bought this multi-functional lash tool to replace an aged, breaking lash&brow tool from Forever 21.The BX-140 tool regularly retails for $10.99 - I managed to score it at Sydney IMATS for about $2.50AUD. Royal&Langnickel products can be bought through the brand's website (international shipping available) and at a handful of beauty supply stores.

 Royal&Langnickel's Revolution BX-140 Combo Lash Comb is a double ended tool. On one end is a standard spoolie with traditional wire bristles. This spoolie is about 3/4" long and tapers gently towards the top. The bristles are most dense at the base and tip of the brush, spreading out a little in the middle. I do not use this mascara want for applying product, but I do like to run it through my lashes before applying mascara, for a touch of separation. I also love this spoolie for combing and shaping my sometimes difficult to tame eyebrows. On the other end is a metal lash come with about 30 straight, blunt, evenly spaced teeth. I don't like to use this combo on bare lashes, but its great for combing clumps out of lashes, giving a clean and defined look no matter how clumpy of a mascara you're using. Now here's my issue with the Revolution BX-140. The lash come is extremely loose, it wiggles quite a bit during use and it's even fallen off twice! I've only had this brush for two months, I don't exactly want to have to glue it back together yet. Between the two brush heads is a very narrow black plastic hand with silver metal ferrules. The Royal&Langnickel logo is printed on side of the handle, the brush line and number on the other. Both ends of Royal&Langnickel's BX-140 lash tool are a breeze to clean and dry very quickly.
 I like Royal&Langnickel's Revolution BX-140 Combo Lash Comb, its definitely a functional tool to have on hand. After going through a handful of poor quality plastic lash/brow tools, I hope I'll never have to buy another. Both sides of this beauty tool are useful and I reach for them on a daily basis. As much as I like the BX-140, I'm not sure if I'd repurchase it - $11 is a lot for a tool that needs a glue job after a couple weeks. I may just be unlucky though, I'm sure most of these lash combs are in perfectly good condition. If you've been on the hunt for a metal lash comb and a good quality spoolie for lashes or brows, you may want to look into Royal&Langnickel's Revolution BX-140 Combo Lash Combo, you'll get a lot of use out of it.
I glued it back on with lash glue after the review.