My Thoughts on the IpsyPoints Program

Back when I wrote My Thoughts on Ipsy, this monthly subscription service didn't have a rewards or referral program. Fast forward nine months and Ipsy now offers both! The IpsyPoint program is simple, yet highly flawed. Click through to see why.
In the beginning, IpsyPoints was straight forward - refer two friends and get a randomly selected product as a reward. Each Ipsy subscriber was given a unique referral link that can be accessed on the Ipsy website. It was simple, and easy to get a reward product - we all have two friends, readers, or subscribers who were interested in signing up for Ipsy (a very big thank you to everyone that has used my referral link, it is very appreciated!). I found this program function and user friendly. Then...

Suddenly. Ipsy doubled the amount of referrals needed to claim a reward. That's quite a jump, especially for non-bloggers. Along with this change came the ability to select your referral reward. Ipsy offers 2-3 product to chose from at random, so if you have the points, get the prize you want. Selected referral rewards will arrive in the following month's bag.

This jump in required referrals caused quite a bit of outrage in the Ipsy community. It really isn't easy to rack up four referrals for the average Ipsy subscriber. To further the outcry against the change in IpsyPoints, the products being offered as rewards aren't that exciting anymore. Currently up for grabs is a mini Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara, some hair ties, and a small palette from NYX. All of these items are valued at about $10. That's quite a step down from the Lime Crime Nail Polish and Urban Decay Moon Dust Eyeshadows that were past rewards, from the days when you only need two referrals.

To help ease the tension, Ipsy made a smart move and started awarding IpsyPoints for reviewing products. Each 'Ipster' was retroactively awarded points for products they've reviewed in the past, and given an additional 100 points just for being an Ipsy subscriber. I had been hoping they'd do something like this since they introduced the reviews a few months back. Each review is worth 10 IpsyPoints. That's another flaw in this rewards program. Ipsy subscribers can earn a maximum of 50 IpsyPoints per bag. If you're subbed for a full year and review each product received, you'll end up with a total of 600 points - not enough to redeem for a reward. IpsyPoints expire after one year. Subscribers who do not gain referrals will never be able to receive a reward. That's awful, very poorly designed.

What can Ipsy do better? How can they improve the IpsyPoints program? Clearly there are two options:

1. Lower the point threshold for redeeming for a reward. Drop is back down to 500 points per prize. That would allow each 'Ipster' to receive one bonus product per year. (500 points can be earned in 10-11 months).

2. Add more value to reviews. Assigning 20 IpsyPoints per review would give a subscriber 1200 points in one year, once again, enough for one bonus per year.

Lets be serious here, I feel like earning one bonus product per year should be a right for Ipsy subscribers if they take a few moments to fill out the review questionnaire. The only other way to make this program fair would be to do away with review based points, which I think would be a definite step in the wrong direction.

I don't know if Ipsy is purposefully trying to jip their customers, or if they just didn't think their system through, but I, and most other Ipsy subscribers, would like to see an improved, more equal IpsyPoints program, perhaps with better product choices as well. Ipsy's biggest competitor, Birchbox, costs the same every month, and has a similar way for subscribers to earn points - yet points can be redeemed for some awesome full size products. I would love to see Ipsy step up and compete with Birchbox's point system

Please comment and share your thoughts on Ipsy's reward program

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  1. Hmmmm.... I was thinking about getting an Ipsy subscription, but this makes me think twice.