BYS Black Magic Eyeliner Review

 BYS calls their Black Magic Eyeliner a "new spin on your everyday liquid and powder eyeliner. It's a gel eyeliner and shadow so you can choose to create sultry smokey eyes or achieve that perfect line by using a tight, super fine liner brush." This eyeliner contains 3.5g and retails for $5 AUD. I picked my BYS Black Magic Eyeliner at the Gloss in Parramatta. BYS products are available at Gloss stores and drugstores in Australia and New Zealand. BYS does not test on animals. This gel liner was made in China.

 BYS Black Magic Eyeliner comes in a square, clear acrylic jar with a black screw on cap. The BYS logo and product name are printed on the cap. Removing the cap reveals a plastic plug to keep this gel liner from drying out. I love when brands include on those! A full ingredient list can be found on the bottom of the jar.
I've had mixed results with BYS' Black Magic Eyeliner. The formula is creamy and fairly pigmented. Application is almost effortless, this gel eyeliner glides onto the lid with ease (I use Bdellium Tool's 708 Brush to apply). The Black Magic Eyeliner takes about a minute to set, this liner is very smudgable and has a tendency to transfer before it dries down. Once BYS' gel liner is set, its fairly budge proof - unless you're in a hot, humid environment then God help you. BYS Black Magic Eyeliner just does not tolerate heat, it smears and fades in just a few short hours. In optimal conditions, this liner wears surprisingly well, even on the waterline it'll stick around for 4-5 hours. I don't find it irritating to my eye when worn on the inner rim. I have not tested Black Magic as a cream eyeshadow, but judging from the formula I think it'd be quite crease-y. BYS Black Magic is far from the darkest eyeliner, its definitely more of a soft black. Though I can see a bit of shimmer in the jar, it doesn't really transfer onto the eye. This gel eyeliner has a semi-matte finish. 
BYS Black Magic Eyeliner isn't anything special in my opinion. The texture is nice, very easy to work with. However, this liner doesn't have the best wear. In cool to comfortable weather this eyeliner wears well on the eyelid and waterline, but on hot days Black Magic just can't hold up. That's a little ironic for an Australian brand. I'd also prefer for Black Magic to be a little deeper. I wouldn't repurchase BYS Black Magic Eyeliner, but I don't plan to toss it out right away. Though this is most likely the most budget friendly gel eyeliner available in Australia, I do not recommend it since it can't take the heat. 



  1. Thanks for your honest review. I probably will not be purchasing this product if it doesn't last all day.

    1. That's what I'm here for =D It really isn't worth the bucks though.