Essence French Manicure Pen Review

 Essence is a brand I typically love, but today I'm reviewing one of the worst nail products I've come across in my beauty blogging ~career~ - the Essence French Manicure Pen. Essence claims this pen style polish will give a "perfect and fast French manicure and pedicure." The French Manicure Pen contains 3ml (.1 fl oz) and retails for around $3. Essence products are not tested on animals. This nail polish was made in France.

 Packaging for Essence's French Manicure Pen is plain and simple. A white plastic pen with a slant tip cap. The pen is recyclable. The product name, directions, and a description are printed on the pen in fuchsia letters in several languages. Removing the cap reveals a fine, hart, plastic point. The point presses down to dispense product. The super fine tip is very easy to work with.
 Application is easy, but the formula is oh, so awful. The polish is an opaque, matte white shade. During application it looks a little streaky, but it solidifies as it dries. Dry time is pretty great, the polish is dry to the touch in what seems like a matter of seconds. The wear time also seems to be a matter of seconds. Not literally, but this stuff is gone within a few hours. I can use the Essence French Manicure Pen, write a review, play a video game, and eat a snack and it'll be completely gone. I'm fairly certain that this nail polish actually washes off. The wear is truly atrocious. I've never managed to keep it on for more than four hours. For example, I applied this product, took photos, and started typing this most and its gone from all but 3 nails. On the bright side, there is no nail polish smell.
What a horrible formula. Essence's French Manicure Pen had potential, the little tip is awesome for applying fine lines and I'm sure it could be used for nail art as well. However, the wear is inexcusably bad - it literally rubs and washes right off. Wat. I tossed this pen right out. I would not repurchase this nail polish pen, nor do I recommend it, unless you want to just play around and practice nail art designs with it. Also, I've come to the realisation that French manicures really aren't my style. 

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  1. I wonder if a top coat would make it last longer?

    1. Its likely, but I'm of the opinion that a polish should last at least more than a few hours without a top coat.

    2. dig it from the trash and try with a top coat! i have nail pens that suck without a top coat, but work great with one!

  2. using for the first time is a challenge .cant even open that :(