Black&Gold Nail Polish Remover Review

 Black&Gold is an Australian value brand that I always overlook. I was in need of nail polish remover when I arrived in Sydney (it isn't something I'm comfortable putting in my luggage), so Dean picked me up a bottle. My first thoughts were "Black&Gold, really?". I admit it, I was being a snob - this stuff is great, the most effective nail polish remover I've ever used. A 100ml (3.4 fl oz) bottle retails for about $3AUD and can be found at most major retailers. I'm fairly sure that Black&Gold products are not cruelty free. This nail polish remover was made in China.

 Black&Gold's Nail Polish Remover comes in a clear, heavy weight glass bottle with a white screw on cap. A yellow label is affixed to the front of the bottle featuring the Black&Gold logo, product name, and an image of a woman removing her polish. The back of the bottle offers an ingredient list, safety warnings, and miscellaneous information. This bottle is recyclable.
 Black&Gold's Nail Polish Remover is pink. Why? Like is there a purpose behind that or is it just decorative? Anyways, I was very pleased the first time I used this bargain brand nail polish remover. I was wearing China Glaze's Bend Over Backwards (shown above), a bright, shimmery red that can be quite stubborn and tens to stain. It wiped away completely, leaving behind barely any stain with just a touch of polish left near my cuticles (easily removed with a q-tip). What makes Black&Gold's Nail Polish Remover super effective? Well...its kinda just watered down acetone, which isn't great for your nails. Lanolin has been added to the formula to partially counteract the drying effects of the acetone. This nail polish remover will strip the nails, so be sure to moisturize after removing your manicure. While Black&Gold's Nail Polish Remover has the same standard, obnoxious scent as all polish removers, it doesn't seem to be as strong as usual
Black&Gold's Nail Polish Remover is pretty dang good. I wouldn't recommend such a strong nail polish remover for day-to-day as it will zap the moisture from your nails, but for those stubborn nail polishes, Black&Gold will tackle it like no other. I kinda feel bad about my anti-Black&Gold snobbery, but in all honesty, I'll still likely snub their other products. If you live in Australia, I encourage you to save yourself a couple dollars and try Black&Gold's Nail Polish Remover, its a true drugstore gem. 

Acetone, Water, Lanolin, CI 12335