Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu 708 Bent Eyeliner Brush Review

 Bdellium Tools is a line of brushes designed by "talented makeup brush experts in Cerritos California". I've been interested in Bdellium Tools for a couple of years, so when I went to Sydney IMATS, it was the first booth I hit - and man I hit it hard! I bought 9 brushes. Today I'm reviewing their Pink Bambu 708 Bent Eyeliner Brush. Bdellium says "don't let your hands&fingers get in the way of achieving precise application. The Bent Eyeliner Brush lines your eyelashes flawlessly. The slanted ferrule and pointed tip allows for smooth, clear cut line application." This brush retails for $8 (I paid around $4 at IMATS). All Bdellium Tools brushes are cruelty free and "handmade by artisans" in China.

 Bdellium Tools Bambu brushes are made of eco friendly materials an are available in three colors; green, pink ,and yellow. The 708 Bent Eyeliner Brush has a slender, pink, coated bambu handle. The Bdellium Tools logo and brush number are printed on the handle. This brush's ferrule is pinched and bent at a gentle angle. I find the ferrule a little difficult to grasp, it's just so narrow. The light pink, synthetic bristles are quite stiff and come to a very precise tip. Not a single hair is out of place. Bdellium's 708 brush washes very well. No splaying, no shedding, the shape of the brush stays perfectly intact. The pale pink bristles don't stain too badly and have maintained their original color pretty well.
 I've been wanting to try a bent liner brush for a while, but they're often times more expensive than their straight-ferruled counterparts, plus I have about a thousand eyeliner brushes. The point of an angled eyeliner brush is to be able to apply product from a variety of angles without your fingers getting away. This style of brush makes it much easier to apply liner in the inner corner, and for those of us with smaller eyes. Honestly, I don't think I'll be permanently making a switch from angled liner brushes to bent ones, but I do really like Bdellium Tools' 708 Brush. This bent eyeliner brush works well with both liquid and gel formulas. The tiny tip is great for creating any style of eyeliner. Thick, thin, or flicked out, the line is always smooth, precise, and crisp. I particularly like the point for creating a super fine cat eye.
I have no complaints about Bdellium Tools' Pink Bambu 708 Bent Eyeliner Brush. This is an all around excellent brush for applying liquid and gel eyeliners. This brush lays down smooth, exact lines. The quality of the artificial bristles is wonderful, they hold their shape, wash well, and never ever shed. At $8 this brush is fairly affordable. I recommend Bdellium Tools 708 Brush if you're on the market for an eco&wallet friendly bent liner brush. I look forward to reviewing the rest of my Bdellium Tools brushes!

Bdellium is pronounced Dell-ee-uhm. The B is silent, if you were wondering.


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    1. Yes. Yes you do. I heavily advise obtaining the thing.

  2. I have never used a bent eyeliner brush before, maybe I should give one a try.

    1. Maybe! I still prefer angled liner brushes, but Bdellium's Bent Liner Brush was neat to try.