L'Oreal I Lacque You A Lot Colour Riche La Lacque Review

 L'Oreal recently added two new limited edition products to their Colour Riche line of lip products. I previously reviewed the La Matte Lip Colour, and now I'm ready to share my thoughts on the La Lacques. L'Oreal isn't offering any official information on this product at this time. Each Colour Riche La Lacque contains .9g (.03 oz). I found my La Lacque at Target, I paid a slightly pricey $8.99 for it. Prices will vary. Unfortunately, L'Oreal products are tested on animals.

 I quite like the packaging for L'Oreal's La Lacques and La Mattes. Each lip color comes in a long, thin, color matched plastic tube. The caps are my only complaint about the packaging, they fit loosely and need to be put on with quite a lot of pressure. The product name is printed on two sides of the tube in gold lettering. Removing the cap reveals a twisting mechanism. The La Lacque lip colors look like over sized lip liners, they come to a slight rounded tip.
 I was blown away by L'Oreal's Colour Riche La Lacque upon first application. Wow, is this stuff pigmented. L'Oreal describes their La Lacques as "shiny, full coverage lip colour" and they aren't lying. This lipstick glides right onto the lips with zero effort. I Lacque You A Lot is completely opaque in one swipe. The La Lacque formula feels very emollient on the lips. Unfortunately, the creamy formula, while comfortable, can be very messy. This lipstick slides on the lips, transfers on to anything my lips come into contact with, and likes to go on little trips outside my lip line - definitely a high maintenance product. Despite the tendency to transfer, I get good wear from I Lacque You A Lot, 3 hours at minimum. This lip product fades in an uneven, unflattering way, and it will stain the lips and skin. As I mentioned in the La Matte review, these lip product have a floral scent. Though it was quite mild in the La Matte, my Le Lacque's floral scent is significantly stronger.
 While I like the color of I Lacque You A Lot, it isn't exactly what I expected. Maybe my Target just has awful lighting, but this product looked coral in the store. Turns out its red. Really red. L'Oreal's I Lacque You A Lot is a bright, rich, intense red with an orangey undertone. This is a very, very bold lip color. The glossy finish only boosts this shade's intensity. I get a little shy about wearing this La Lacque, the color is so strong, it really sticks out against my fair skin.
[ps this was like 2 1/2 hours post application]
I like L'Oreals Colour Riche La Lacque in I Lacque You A Lot. This lip color is extremely pigmented and quite long lasting, though you need to keep check on it, you may want to bring some q-tips with you when wearing this shade. I Lacque You A Lot is a super bold, in-your-face orange toned red that'll surely bring a lot of attention to your lips. I think I prefer L'Oreal's Le Mattes, but only slightly. If you love glossy, opaque lipsticks you need to try a Colour Riche La Lacque, if you can get your hands on one. They're on the expensive side, but I think they're worth it. 

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