IMATS Sydney Haul+Photos

 I went to IMATS! And so did Dean but he was significantly less enthused (though his bigness was definitely a help and I swear he wasn't the only boyfriend that got dragged there.) The experience was a little different from what I expected, but I still enjoyed it. The event was held at the Sydney Convention Center in Darling Harbour. We got there at around 8:15, half an hour before it started, the line was out the door but it went quickly. Click through to see what happened once I was inside.

 There were 34 exhibitors ranging from big names like MAC Pro, Inglot, and Makeup Forever to smaller brands like LA Splash to pro brands like Ben Nye, Mehron, and Kryolan. I went in with a very distinct plan of action, so I headed right to Bdellium Tools. I didn't have to wait at all, I went right up, picked my brushes, and checked out - the sales associate was extremely friendly and enthusiastic about their products. Next I headed to LA Splash, Inglot, Royal&Langnickle, and finished my day at Lime Crime. That was a mistake. The Lime Crime booth was super tiny and absolutely surrounded by people, I waited at least half an hour just to browse the products. Overall, my experience was good, there were only about 3500 people there, no where near as crowded as I thought it'd be (though there was another line to come in as I was leaving).  I expected to wait in long lines, but aside from Lime Crime, I got in and got out.
 My only negative experience was Inglot. As you can imagine, their booth was crowded, it was swamped - the only booth with more people was MAC Pro. I placed an order for a lipstick and was told to wait to the side while my order was filled. We waited 15-20 minutes and my order went unfilled. A sales girl came out to tell the mass of people waiting for their products that their registers went down. I ended up forfeiting my order, one lipstick really wasn't worth the wait, and the lines only grew throughout the day.
 I picked up a fair amount of products. I really went wild buying brushes. The discounts were awesome, I saved at least 10% on everything. Some of the prices I'll be listing may not sound like a deal, some of them are even a little more expensive than they are in America, but please keep in mind that I'm listing them in Australian dollars and products are much more expensive here.
 Lime Crime Velevtine in Suedeberry - $18. 
Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette -$30. 
 LA Splash Splashproof Eyeshadow Base/Sealer - $8
 Bdellium Tools Green Bambu Fan Brush and Stippling Brush - $9,11 
 Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu Bend Liner and Flat Definer Brushes - $5 each
 Bdellium Tools Smokey Eye Brush Set - $20 
Royal&Langnickle Silk Pro Brushes - Mini Flat Smudger, Dome Shadow, and Line and Smudge Brushes - $5-8
Royal&Langnickle Revolution BX-145, BX-70, and BX-140 brushes - $3-9
Royal&Langnickle Leather Brush Roll - $10. 

I paid for Dean and my tickets, as well as all the products with my own money, except the Lime Crime palette, which Dean bought for me. 


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    1. I'll bet it was! But hey at least you got to carry cute bags ;)

    2. He was a very good sport about it. I didn't make him carry the Lime Crime bag, but he willingly carried the IMATS/Royal&Langnickle one. Boyfriend of the year right there.

  2. Hi! Awesome blog you got here! I'm a new fan :)

  3. Sounds like a dream day! With too many people lol I'm excited to see your review on the lime crime palette :)

    1. It was pretty good. Came home to some GTA, then an internet best friend flew in for a weekend visit. All around good times. I probably won't review the Lime Crime palette til I'm back in the states in November, but it'll be a priority then. I'll have swatches up soon though.