Garnier Intensive 7 Day Repairing Lotion with Shea Butter Review

 Garnier says their Intensive 7 Day Repairing Lotion with Shea Butter is "the first choice for extra dry skin among the new generation of Garnier Body Care. Enriched with moisturizing shea butter rich in essential nutrients, this lotion offers nourishing and repairing properties. Offer your extra dry and cracked skin a hydration feeling that lasts up to 7 days after the last application." The Intensive 7 Day Repairing Lotion with Shea Butter is one of seven new Garnier lotions. I was sent a 250ml (8.5 fl oz) bottle of this lotion in a swap with my friend Steph. A 400ml (13.5 fl oz) size is also available. This lotion retails for between $3-6 Canadian Dollars, depending on what size and where you buy. I don't believe this lotion is available in the United States, though it's obviously sold in Canada, and I've spotted it in Australia as well. Garnier products are tested on animals.

 This body lotion comes in a thin, hour glass shaped green plastic bottle topped with a white flip top cap. Packaging is recyclable. The  front of the bottle features the Garnier logo, product name, and a few claims. The back of the bottle offers a lot of product information, some statistics, and a full ingredient list.
 Garnier's Intensive 7 Day Repairing Lotion with Shea Butter is a light, thin, white lotion. I immediately loved the formula, this lotion is just awesome. It smooths over the skin beautifully and it sinks in very quickly. Garnier's Intensive 7 Day Repairing Lotion with Shea Butter really seems to nourish my skin, it leaves it feeling very soft, smooth, and well hydrated plus it gives my skin a touch of a sheen. I don't think the moisture this lotion provides a week's worth of hydration, but it lasts at least two days. While I don't have the "flaky rough skin" this lotion is meant for, but I think it would work out well for most skin types. I doubt such a light lotion would completely solve major dryness though.While this lotion is far from 100% natural, I do think there are a decent amount of beneficial ingredients. Garnier's lotion has that typical, signature Garnier scent.
I'm definitely a fan of Garnier's Intensive 7 Day Repairing Lotion with Shea Butter. Actually, I like the Intensive 7 Day line as a whole. This lotion is quite light but very hydrating. I think the formula is excellent, as is the price. If this lotion was available in my home country I'd repurchase it multiple times. I plan to grab another bottle before leaving Australia. If Garnier's Intensive 7 Day Repairing line is available to you, I encourage you to try it, this lotion in particular. 

Water, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, African Palm Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG 100 Stearate, Gylceryl Stearate, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Shea Butter, Carbomer, Olive Oil, Methylparaben, Xanthan Gum, Zinc Gluconate, Sodium Hydroxide, Bifida Ferment,  Lystate, Linalool, Limonen, Benzyl Alcohol, Citronellol, Fragrance