Bourjois Haul from Priceline+I Went to Daiso!

 Priceline, my favorite place to shop for makeup in Australia, had Bourjois on offer for 25%, which is an awesome deal, so I decided to knock a few things off my wishlist. I got:
  • Healthy Balance Unifying Powder 
  • Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
  • Touche Healthy Mix Concealer
  • Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick - Orange Punch 

 Then I went to the new Daiso in West Point Blacktown! It was amazing and I wanted pretty much everything. Also, I think I should start a petition for a Daiso in Pittsburgh, I'd shop the shit out of that place! Everything costs $2.80 in the ones in Australia, which is reasonable. All I bought was a set of cherry print hand towels.
 While Dean was preordering GTA 5 at EB Games, we found LA Noire for just $12. He's currently engrossed in it. 
 I miss my kitties, especially Oliver, but here are Dean's cats. Simba is up top, Milly is down below.