Bath&BodyWorks Caribbean Escape Anti Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Review

Bath&BodyWorks Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Caribbean Escape is a "powerful, germ killing hand so enriched with an exclusive blend to help hydrate and soften skin as powerful ingredients leave dirty hands clean and lightly scented with an exotic blend of fresh pineapple and casaba melon." This review isn't so much for the Caribbean Escape scent (which I do love), so much as its for the soap's formula. Bath&BodyWorks offers this soap in a couple dozen limited edition and permanent scents. Each anti-bacterial hand soap contains 8 fl oz (236 ml) and retails for $5.50 or 4/$15. Bath&BodyWorks is a cruelty free brand. This hand soap is made in America.

Bath&BodyWorks Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps come in a recyclable, triangular, clear plastic bottle topped with a white plastic pump. The pump gets gummed up pretty easily. The front of the bottle features a label with  the artwork with of your scent of choice. In the case of Caribbean Escape, it features a half of a coconut and a tropical pink flower. On the back of the bottle you'll find a product description and a drug facts label.
This hand soap is "enriched with an exclusive blend of moisturizing honey, coconut milk, and olive fruit extract to help nourish and soften skin. It is further enhanced with exfoliating microspheres and cleansing bamboo extract, leaving hands lightly scented, deeply cleansed, and feeling smooth and soft while effectively fighting germs. The active antibacterial ingredient in this soap is triclosan. Triclosan is a controversial ingredient (much in the vein of parabens), as it can be linked to endocrine disruption and is potentially carcinogenic. This ingredient is currently being investigated by major health authorities, to double check it's safety. I have read a few articles about triclosan, but I can't offer an actual evidence based opinion - I am a mere beauty blogger/cook. Anyway, onto the function of the product. Bath&BodyWorks' Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps are fairly viscous gels with small blue and white granules suspended in it. No, they don't actually exfoliate at all. This antibacterial hand soap works into a very light lather and rinses cleanly. I can't actually speak for the anti-bacterial properties of this soap. I can, however, tell you that the formula is neither moisturizing or drying. This soap imparts a little bit of fragrance onto the skin, which fades away quickly.
The scent of Caribbean Escape is really great, one of my favorites from Bath&BodyWorks. This scent is all fruit. It's described as a blend of pineapple and casaba melon. I can definitely pick up the tartness of the pineapple (one of my fav fruits!) but there's also a juicy sweetness to this scent that really balances out it's more sour notes. Though it smells quite strong in the bottle, Caribbean Escapes is a pretty soft scent on the skin. I really wish Bath&BodyWorks offered body care in this scent, its better than a lot of their Signature Collection offerings. 
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Bath&BodyWorks Antibacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap is good. The soap is effective and non-drying, though really it isn't as fancy as the brand claims it to be. The main ingredient is questionable, but I can't fault Bath&BodyWorks for using it, its a very common ingredient in many house hold products including soaps, and it is currently deemed safe by the FDA. I also have heard that the brand is considering a re-formulation that will exclude triclosan. Caribbean Escape is a scent I've enjoyed in the past - I've bought the matching pocket bac multiple times. The value of this soap and the scent selection are both great. I don't buy Bath&BodyWorks Hand Soaps all that often, but I do enjoy them while I have them. 

click the photo of the back of the bottle for an ingredient list/drug fact sheet. 

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  1. Misleading name, did not appear in the caribbean after using.