ELF Individual Lash Kit Review

 I'm not very good at applying strip lashes, so I decided to give individual lashes a go. When it comes to trying anything new, I like to turn to ELF, so I can get a feel for the product without spending more than $5. ELF says their Individual Lash Kit will help you "achieve lashes exactly how you want them with our top rated Individual Lash Kit. Easy application and comfort grip gel allows for multiple uses so you can repeatedly achieve lush lashes again and again. Set includes 18 individual lashes, contour tray, and lash adhesive gel." The ELF Individual Lash Kit is only available in one style and color. This set sells for just $1, I bought my Individual Lash Kit at Target. ELF products are cruelty free. This product was made in China.

 These individual lashes come packaged in a grey cardboard box. The back of the box offers a description, directions, and an ingredient list for the lash glue. A white plastic tray slides out of the box. Eighteen bunches of individual lashes are affixed to the tray and a tiny tube of lash adhesive is also included. All packaging is recyclable.
 ELF's Individual Lashes seem to be nothing too out of the ordinary. ELF says they will "enhance your natural lash line with these beautiful faux lashes. They instantly intensify an add depth for a glamourous look." Each bunch of lashes contains seven to nine lashes of varying length. They come together into a small bundled knot. It took me a while to master applying individual falsies, but I've figured it out and now find them very easy to put on. These lashes blend in very well with my natural lashes. On top of that, ELF's falsies are quite comfortable, so much so that I often forget I'm wearing them. Because these individual lashes blend in and wear so well, I've been wearing them frequently, to events or just out and about. ELF says you can use their Individual Lashes multiple times, but I've never worn them more than twice.
 The eyelash glue included in ELF's Individual Lash Kit is pretty sucky. Its quite watery and hard to apply in just a small amount. ELF says it'll become tacky in 30-60 seconds, but it takes ages longer than that to dry. I feel like ELF's adhesive never fully dries, it just gets gummy and doesn't keep the lashes on very long. The glue leaked out into the tray, so I have very little left, but that's fine by me. I much prefer to use Eylure's Superfix Adhesive, which is awesome!
I really like ELF's Individual Lash Kit! These little lashes are easy to apply, lightweight, and natural looking. You won't get multiple uses out of each bunch of lashes, but you get eighteen for just a buck, so its not like they're an investment. The included glue isn't worth using, you'll want to invest in a separate glue. I will definitely repurchase ELF's Individual Lash Kit and I recommend it to anyone interested in trying individual lashes. 

Lash Glue Ingredients:
Water, Acrylates Copolymer, Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben 


  1. These looks really nice! I've never used individual false lashes before, so I'll have to give these a try!

  2. Individuals are easier but I actually really like strip lashes now, since I just got the hang of them. They're way more dramatic hehe :) still, I'm looking for new individuals so thanks for the heads up! x

  3. I've been marinating on buying these every single time I go to Target, because I've been on some sort of false lash buying spree for the last month or so. Glad to see that they have better quality than I expected! I might just need these.