Book Report: Raising Eyebrows by Cameron Tuttle for Benefit

 Benefit is passionate about brows, so much so that the brand teamed up with author Cameron Tuttle to release Raising Eyebrows, a book all about brows. This 128 page book covers brows tools, grooming techniques, and historical facts. Benefit says that Raising Eyebrows will help you "discover the techniques to get your brows into perfect shape; compare the pros and cons of waxing, tweezing, threading, and more; learn to maintain your brows at home; plus get tons of tips and tricks from the eyebrow pros at Benefit Cosmetics." This book is separated into an intro, six chapters, an an outro. Raising Eyebros was published by Chronicle Books. This book was made in China. Raising Eyebrows by Cameron Tuttle retails for $16.95.

 Benefit is known for their cute, colorful, and playful packaging, and they managed to translate that into book form. This hardback book's covers are striped pink and orange. The front cover features a smug, smiling woman with well groomed brows, along with the title printed in large white letters. The back cover suns up what Raising Eyebrows will teach you all about. The pages of Raising Eyebrows are bright, colorful, and full of prints and patters. Raising Eyebrows is chock full of charts and a mix of photographic and illustrated examples, both of which are helpful and easy to understand. This book comes with an attacked ribbon bookmark.
 Cameron Tuttle kept Raising Eyebrows' introduction short. She recalled the trip to the Benefit Brow Bar in San Francisco that inspired her to write this book.

The first chapter is called Face Time; Get to Know and Love Your Beautiful Brows. Face Time tarts by explaining the biological and social functions of eyebrows, detailing how much they impact our speech, facial expressions, and other peoples perception of you. The next subject this chapter touches on brow shaping, and why its important. Face Time moves on to cover the very basics of of brow shaping, with plenty of tips and a helpful face chart. The first chapter of Raising Eyebrows is loaded with information, but I found it hard to absorb because I hate the tone this chapter was written in. I found the style too cheeky, like it was trying to hard to play to your stereotypical, ditzy woman. Face Time was pretty low brow. [what a great pun, Mary]. I though the rest of Raising Eyebrows would be written in such an overly girly tone, so I put it down and didn't bother with it again for several weeks.
 The second chapter is titled Brow History Oh-So-Fun; The Fascinating Journey of The Eyebrow Throughout the Ages.What a change from Face Time! The tone went from over the top to playfully factual. I actually loved this chapter, I'm very interested in history, so Brow History Oh-So-Fun was really appealing to me. Benefit's explanation of history starts in Ancient Egypt, where people were fairly concerned about cosmetics; there's even a brief section about what would've been in your average Egyptian's beauty arsenal. Following that is a few pages about kohl. Cameron Tuttle also touches on brows in Ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the middle ages. A two page timeline sums up brow trends from early history to the early 19th century. A modern take on eyebrows is broken down by the decade. This chapter closes on the Browy Awards.
 Next up is The Best Brow For You; Getting Your Eyebrows into Perfect Shape. Now we're getting into the meat of the book and beginning to discuss brow shapes. The third chapter starts out with a map of "The Anatomy of the Brow". This chapter explains the ideal brow shape for for each face shape - without too many rules. The Best Brow For You offers a page on brows that will suit specific facial features, as well as tips on styling brows for special circumstances like scars, moles, and brow piercings. This chapter ends on a list of hair removal methods.
 Salon A-Go-Go; What You Need To Know To Find the Best Brow Salon for You is a guide to brow services offered by professionals. This chapter stresses the importance of having your brows groomed professionally, offering details and examples of pricing for different brow services at different types of salons. Obviously this chapter leans a little in favor of Benefit Brow Bars, but it isn't too partial. Salon A-Go-Go lets you know what to look for and what to look out for when selecting a salon, plus it gives a list of questions to ask your brow professional. This chapter also breaks down the brow waxing process. This chapter was quite informative, this is the core of the book in my opinion.
 Chapter 5 is titled Maintaining Your Brow Sanity; How to Keep Your Eyebrows Looking Fabulous at Home. This chapter gives you tips on how to groom your brows between visits to the Benefit Brow Bar or your other eyebrow specialist of choice. This chapter gives detailed explanations of different styles of tweezers, and of course they highly recommend buying a pair of Tweezerman for Benefit Tweezers. Maintaining Your Brows at Home covers basic and advanced tweezing techniques for both men and women, with plenty of visual aids.
 The final chapter is Wow Brows and Eye Candy; How to Take Your Brows to the Highest Level. This chapter wraps everything up, covering different types of brow cosmetics and tools, as well as how to maintain those tools. A full page explains each type of brow products and who they're best suited to.

Raising Eyebrows closes with a ten step tutorial of a basic eye and brow look, with a recommended Benefit product for each step. The closing paragraph congratulates you on your new life as a Brow Ambassador, and encourages you to spread your new-found brow knowledge.
Benefit's Raising Eyebrows is an informative and visually appealing book. Eyebrows are pretty narrow subject, but at no point was this book boring or repetitive. The book started off a little too giddy, but after the author calmed down, she got her point across in a fun, easy to read, but informative manner. Raising Eyebrows didn't convince me that I need to get my brows waxed professionally, and I'll stick to my Revlon tweezers, thanks; but I did find this useful. I particularly enjoyed the chapter about brow history. I recommend this book to anyone seriously interested in brows and beauty, but it may be dull to the casual cosmetic consumer.

I enjoyed writing this. Does anyone want to see any other beauty book reviews?


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  3. Hmm not sure I could read an entire book about eyebrows so kudos to you! I rarely take care of my brows so this is a book I probably could benfit from ;)

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