Sinful Colors Steel Reserve Sinful Shine Nail Polish Review

Sinful Colors' new Sinful Shines Nail Polishes feature "GelTech technology", which "provides opulent, rich color and a brilliant shine finish.". This limited edition collection is comprised of 32 shades, I'll be reviewing Steel Reserve. I received this product for review purposes, courtesy of Influenster. Each Sinful Shine lacquer contains .5fl oz (15 ml) and retails for around $2.99. This line of nail polishes is available exclusively at Walgreens. Sinful Colors products are not tested on animals. This nail polish was made in America.

 The packaging for the limited edition Sinful Shines line is a little different from that of the regular line. The bottle is still round and made of glass. The product name is printed on the front of the bottle. The difference is in the cap. Your regular Sinful Colors polish comes with a black cap, but the Sinful Shines have a shiny, silver cap. The Sinful Colors logo is still embosed on the top of the cap. The shade name and number can be found on a label on the bottom of the bottle. The label peels up to reveal a full ingredient list. The brush is the same flat, average length brush included in all Sinful Colors polishes.
 Sometimes I feel like one of the only beauty enthusiasts that hasn't jumped on the gel nail trend. Gel polishes are so pricey, some of the kits sell for over $100. Who got that kind of cash? I was intrigued by the concept of a hybrid gel nail polish. Sinful Colors certainly isn't the first brand to make to make this type of polish, but I believe they are the first ones to bring it down to a very affordable price range. I wasn't sure what to expect the first time I used this lacquer. The formula is thicker than that of a normal polish, but not by much. Application is amazing, this polish goes on so smoothly. One coat is almost entirely opaque, but I add a second one for total opacity. Sinful Colors' Sinful Shines polishes dry so fast, about a minute and a half and these polishes are rock hard. This lacquer feels a little heavy on the nails, which I believe I've heard about regular gel polishes. Gel nail polish is so popular because it boasts longer wear time, but I don't feel like that translates into this gel polish hybrid. For me, the Steel Reserve Sinful Shines nail polish wears only slightly better than regular nail polish. Steel Reserve chips on me after two days and needs removed by day four, but please keep in mind that I tend to get poor wear across the board. This nail polish removes easily with an acetone based nail polish remover.
 Steel Reserve is a very dark, nearly black steel blue polish with a super glossy cream finish. Sinful Colors wasn't lying when they said the finish would be "brilliant". This polish looks wet for a whole day after application, but it eventually dulls down to an average cream finish. Steel Reserve isn't like any other color in my nail polish collection. In the bottle it looks like a dark, blue based grey. On the nails, it can range from black, to dark grey, to a very dark blue depending on lighting and what not. I'm a big fan of glossy, dark polishes, so I was happy to receive Steel Reserve.
I like Sinful Colors' Sinful Shine nail polish in Steel Reserve, but it isn't as different from a normal polish as I had hoped. The formula is a little bit thicker, quicker drying, and harder to the touch. All of those are nice attributes, but they don't lend themselves to significantly longer wear time. Steel Reserve is a great, cool toned, dark color that will go with just about anything. The gel finish is amazing, but not long lasting. Its a shame that these polishes are limited edition. If I was able to wear nail polish more often, I'd consider buying more, but my job doesn't allow it. I think Sinful Colors Sinful Shine nail polishes are worth checking out, especially considering the price. Hit your local Walgreens soon, I'm not sure how long these will be on the shelves! 

This product was provided to me for review by Influenster

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