Just Picked Up a Few Goodies from Walmart

I had a little adventure to Walmart today, needed to grab groceries and some cat stuff, and I grabbed three little things for myself - two of them are new, one I've been wanting for a while.

Clean&Clear's new Hydrating Facial Cleanser - $3.49
I'm a Clean&Clear Fangirl, so when I heard about this cleanser's release, I immediately went on the hunt, but couldn't find it anywhere. Imagine my surprise when I saw it in a very picked over skincare aisle. :3

Freeman Charcoal&Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask - $1.37
Another product from a favorite skincare line that I haven't been able to track down til today! I rarely look at the end cap with the face mask samples, but something told me to today. I can feel through the packet that this mask has an interesting texture, so I can't wait to try it. 

Physicians Formula Nude Shimmer Strips Palette - $10
I've wanted this palette since it was released, but I tend to avoid Physicians Formula products - they're just so expensive for the drugstore and they almost always let me down. I found this palette in a value pack with a stack of mini nail polishes. I decided to finally fork over the cash for it. I'll be gifting the polishes to a friend who I think will enjoy them a lot. I'll have swatches of this palette up tomorrow. 


  1. I just used that mask last night! Its fantabulous! You're gonna love it!

    1. oh man I'm so excited now! thanks for letting me know =D

    2. I finally found it at CVS! I HAD to tell you!

    3. LUCKY OMG. I was at Ulta today and they don't have the full size yet.

  2. It's a pretty bloo cleanser n.n

  3. That mask has a really cool texture it's actually a sugary texture that reminds me off the Suki exfoliater, but it's grey. It makes my skin unbelievably smooth though!

  4. oh Walmart is the devil, isn't it? my husband tries to walk around the Make Up and Beauty isle each time

  5. I wished I had a walmart here in singapore! It wld b a plc for me to de-stress as a SAHM.....

    Ida Erin Chan