Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin

 Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel is their best selling product. This brand claims that this product is "designed for all skin types except for those with rosacea or extremely sensitive skin. Exfoliates to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and lighten hyper pigmentation. Delivers spa grade exfoliation, revealing a brighter complexion while firming the skin. Exfoliates to even skin tone and texture with organic alpha hydroxy acids of malic acid from green apples, citric acid from lemons, and tartaric acid from grapes. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and promotes healthy cellular turnover with Vitamins A&C. Brightens, reduces hyper pigmentation and dark spots with alpha hydroxy organic fruit acids and glycolic acid. Heals and hydrates with Vitamin E and organic aloe." The full size of Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin Peel contains 2 fl oz (60ml) and retails for $39. I received a small .25 fl oz (7ml) sample jar in Juice Beauty's Organics to Go kit, which I bought at Ulta for $29. Juice Beauty products are cruelty free, vegan friendly, and organic. Juice Beauty products can be bough through the brand's websites, select salons/spas, Ulta, and Whole Food Grocery Stores. This product was made in America.

 My sample of this facial peel came in a plastic jar with a white screw on cap. The label affixed to the top of the cap features the Juice Beauty logo and product name. The full size product comes in a similar style of packaging. That's unfortunate, because this peel contains active ingredients that will become less effective the longer they're exposed to light. Be sure you store your Juice Beauty Peel in a dark area. The packaging for this product is recyclable.
 Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin is a thick, carmel colored paste. Juice Beauty advises users to "apply a generous layer to cleansed face, neck, and decolette up to twice weekly. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse well." The brand also recommends doing a small patch test prior to your first use, to ensure there is no allergic reaction. Juice Beauty says that tingling and mild redness are to be expected after using their peel, and that SPF should be applied after use of the Green Apple Peel because the hydroxy acids will increase skin's photosensitivity. I've only used the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin twice, so I can't provide a quote on how this product benefits the skin long term - this review is all about the immediate results. The Green Apple Peel has a scent that resembles that of an apple that's sat out in the sun a little too long. This peel applies in a think layer and feels kinda like a gel moisturizer. The mask starts to tighten after about three minutes and that's when the tingle sets in. At the end of the ten minutes, it feels like I've applied cling wrap to my face. Rinsing Juice Beauty's peel off can be a bit of a chore, its surprisingly stubborn. I don't experience much in the way of irritation after using Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin. It turns my face a little pink, but that subsides within an hour. If anything, I experience just a little bit of tightness and itching around the jaw area, but that gets corrected when I apply moisturizer. The end results are firmer skin and a more even skin tone, overall. These results last about three days. If you get one or two little bumps after after using Juice Beauty's peel, don't been too surprised, a product like this likely to purge your skin - meaning that it will pull impurities to the surface of the skin, sometimes causing tiny breakouts.
Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin seems pretty good. I've always been a little trepidatious in regards to facial peels, I thought they'd be too harsh on my skin. I guess that isn't so! Juice Beauty's peel firms my skin and balances my complexion. Best of all is that the results last longer than a day. I don't feel like I really need a peel in my skincare routine, at least not at my age, my skin is still in pretty great shape. I'll ration my little jar for when I feel like my skin needs a pick me up, but I wouldn't buy the full size of this product. For me, Juice Beauty is a really hit or miss brand, it's good to find a hit every once in a while. If you're looking for a quick fix to firm your skin or even out it's tone, and don't mind a bit of a splurge I suggest Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin. Note the sensitive skin formula by the way, I've heard that the regular strength Green Apple Peel is very harsh. 

Organic juices of pyrus malus (organic apple juice)*, citrus medica limonum (organic lemon juice)*, aloe barbadensis (organic aloe juice)*, glycolic acid, vegetable glycerin, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, sodium hydroxide, capryl hydroxamic acid, xanthan & sclerotium gum, caprylyl glycol, vitis vinifera (grape seed extract), tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, magnesium aspartate, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate.

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