GlamRx Freestyle Palette Review

 GlamRx is a company that sells magnetic palettes. This brand was thought up by "serial entrepreneur" Jessica Lighter, who needed a quick solution for carrying her makeup around and touching up on a tight, hectic schedule. There are two size options, the GlamRx Touch Up palette, which contains some makeup, and the empty Freestyle palette. I received a Freestyle palette in my March Ipsy Bag. GlamRx says this palette is "sold empty so you can fill them with whatever you want, however you want. Includes mirror and magnetic floor. These mini palettes how so much more than just makeup. Use for safety pins, tiny makeup brushes or eyeliners, earring backs, or bobby pins and all your other on the go essentials. Can hold up to four standard round eyeshadow pans or two standard round blush pans and other endless combinations.". This tiny palette measures 3.75"x2.75"x.5" (9.5x7x1.2 cm), or roughly the size of a credit card. This palette is available in three limited edition designs. Each GlamRx Freestyle palette sells for $9.95 and can be bought through the brand's website. The GlamRx palettes are made in China.

 My GlamRx Freestyle palette is made of hot pink cardboard with the brand's logo printed on the front. On the inside is a small but good quality mirror embedded in the lid. A shallow well with a magnetic floor will house and products you pop in this palette. The palette has a magnetic closure. The magnet in the base of the Freestyle palette is strong enough that I can hold it upside down and tap it without any products falling out. Despite being made of cardboard, this palette seems pretty sturdy. I've dropped it from about 2 1/2 feet with no damage to the products inside. The small size of the GlamRx Freestyle palette makes it super portable, it could probably fit comfortably in a pocket, no problem.
The GlamRx Freestyle Palette is cute, compact, and convenient, however I feel like its a little overpriced for what it is. I'm glad to have received it, and it houses several products I wouldn't have had room for elsewhere. I think in the next few days I'll throw together a comparison post for the GlamRx Freestyle Palette and ELF Custom Compact. While I wouldn't purchase these little palettes for myself, they seem like they'd be a nice gift or something. This palette is good quality, I'd just like to see a price tag that matches it's size. 

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  1. I like that the logo looks like the Switzerland flag.