Donut Shop Sweet&Creamy Regular Iced Coffee K Cup Review

 Donut Shop is one of Keurig's home brands. I've previously enjoyed and recommended their Coconut Mocha coffee to friends and other bloggers, so when I saw a sampler of their Sweet&Creamy Regular Iced Coffee, I grabbed it without thinking twice. According to Keurig, this Brew Over Ice K Cup will help you "remember the good ol' days with this sweet, full bodied, all American classic - on ice." This medium roast iced coffee mix has sugar and cream already in it, so there's no fuss after brewing. I bought a box of three K Cups at Target for $2.99. The full sized box contains 22 K Cups and sells for around $16.50. That's about 75c a cup, no bad compared to what you'll pay at most cafes. Keurig K Cups are available through the brand's website, and at most grocery stores and major retailers.

 I like the packaging for these K Cups. They come in a white, lilac, and seafoam cardboard box. I really find the color scheme appealing. The box offers Brew Over Ice instructions and the mandatory nutritional value chart and a full ingredient list. The box is recyclable. The K Cup is made of white plastic with a lavender foil top. K Cups are unfortunately non recyclable.
 Keurig recommends filling a 16oz cup with ice and brewing 6-8 oz of this coffee for "optimal" flavor". For some reason, the Sweet&Creamy Iced Coffee seems to brew faster in my Keurig Mini than other K Cups, but it may just be my imagination. With the first cup, I tried brewing it directly over a cup of ice, as directed and I didn't like the way it turned out. Obviously, this stuff comes out hot and it melted the ice very quickly, watering the coffee down significantly. The second time I brewed it like any cup of coffee and let it sit for about 10 minutes. The results were barely improved. So I decided to prepare it the way we make iced coffee at the restaurant I work at. I brewed this K Cup like a regular coffee then popped it in the fridge for roughly 90 minutes, and poured it over ice to serve. This method really improved this beverage. There was no melty ice so the coffee maintained it's flavor, but was very cold and refreshing. I definitely recommend preparing Donut Shop's Sweet&Creamy Regular Iced Coffee this way.
 Donut Shop's Sweet&Creamy Regular Iced Coffee smells amazing, almost like coffee ice cream (my favorite flavor). The color is a light tan, like you'd expect from a milky coffee. The flavor of this iced coffee is just that, Regular. It actually tastes exactly like the iced coffee the restaurant serves (no special recipe, just coffee, creamer, and sugar), or like any iced coffee you'd make at home. While I do find Donut Shop's Sweet&Creamy Iced Coffee sweet, I feel like the creaminess is more present in the scent and appearance than in the mouth feel. This coffee has a slightly unpleasant after taste, but it isn't anything a sip or two of water won't erase. I'm not a fan of this coffee's ingredient list. I'm not particularly diet conscious, but I hate to see sugar as the first ingredient in any non-candy. Also there are a few synthetic ingredients I'm not familiar with, so I can't really comment on them either way.
 Overall, I found Donut Shop's Sweet&Creamy Regular Iced Coffee only ok. I think it really comes down to how picky you are about your coffee, iced or not. This stuff is cheap and convenient and even though sugar is the first ingredient, its still probably healthier than what you'd pick up from Starbucks. That being said, the flavor is pretty bland and average and you may want more richness out of a coffee treat. I won't repurchase Donut Shop's Sweet&Creamy Iced Coffee, I'm not really that big of an iced coffee drinker. Whether or not this K Cup is for you is a really a matter of personal preference and your level of coffee snobbery.

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