Colors of the Rainbow Tag

Pretty much every blogger has done the Colors of the Rainbow tag by now. If you aren't familiar with it, you're just meant to list your favorite product that matches each color of the rainbow+pink. Click through to see my picks.

 Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Shampoo

A red shampoo meant to strengthen long hair, this stuff detangles and smells like raspberries. What isn't to love? =D
 Orange lip products in general. Yinz know me and my orange and coral lip products. 
 I don't have a true yellow favorite, so I kinda substituted a yellowy gold eyeshadow; Urban Decay's Half Baked.
 Another two for blue, both skincare items; Pacifica's Sea Foam Cleanser and Lush Ocean Salt (no surprise there yeah?)
 Indigo. Why indigo, no one cares about that color. Well I guess I'll choose Bath&BodyWorks Into the Wild shower gel, which is unfortunately an online exclusive. 
 For Violet/purple, I chose an indie option; Island Sugar's Sun Drenched Body Spray
And lastly for pink; Too Faced Primed&Poreless Primer, though Benefit's That Gal was a close runner up.