Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing&Texturizing Powder Review

Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play Volumizing&Texturizing Powder is "the perfect product to add volume to any hair type no matter the style or texture. Instantly liquifies it's self when applied, allowing hair to absorb the product and provide full, voluminous textured hair. Its weightless, odorless, and colorless on hair." Volume is not something my hair needs more of, but the concept of this product intrigued me enough to try it, plus I've enjoyed the other Sexy Hair products I've already tried. I received a .7 oz (2g) travel size of Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play in my April Ipsy Bag. The full size contains .53 oz and retails for around $16. Sexy Hair products are available worldwide - in the USA you can find Sexy Hair at salons, beauty suppliers, and Ulta. I've also recently seen the brand at Target and Giant Eagle. Sexy Hair does not test on animals. This styling product was made in America.

Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play comes in a small, recyclable, red plastic bottle topped with a black cap. The Big Sexy Hair logo runs vertically down the tube. The product name and a comic book style "POW" are printed on the front of the tube in black lettering. The back of the bottle offers directions, a description, and a full ingredient list. Removing the cap reveals a shaker top with a star design. Dispensing this product is easy and not too messy.
Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play Volumizing&Texturizing Powder is a really interesting product. Before I move on I just wanna give kudos to Sexy Hair for slipping a hockey reference into this product's name; that alon makes it a win for me. Anyway, this Volumizing&Texturizing Powder comes out as a fine, soft, white powder. Sexy Hair recommends that you sprinkle this product at the roots of the hair and rub it in with your fingers. What happens next is really neat - this powder liquifies! How? I do not know, but I guess it makes sense since most of the ingredients are liquid based. This powder feels a bit wet in stick in the hair - like a hair spray. Like I said, my hair doesn't need help from volumizing styling products, its massive on it's own. So, to test this product I brushed and combed my hair down as flat as I could get it, sprinkled in some Powder Play, rubbed it in and suddenly my hair was massive again. This product provides instant volume with no teasing required. If your hair already has a lot of lift, its very easy to go overboard with this product - Powder Play makes my bangs stick out straight! Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play Volumizing&Texturizing Powder doesn't provide any hold, so you'll need to follow it up with a hairspray like Big Sexy Hair's Spray&Play, which I highly recommend. Powder Play is not a loose dry shampoo, it does nothing for oil absorption, I feel like it actually makes my hair look a little greasy, or at least wet.
Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play Volumizing&Texturizing Powder really does provide an immense amount of volume. If you have limp hair, this is the product for you. For me, this product only exacerbates the wildness of my mane, and I call it a mane specifically because this product made me look like a lion. The way this powder styling product works is a mystery. How does a powder made of relatively simple ingredients liquify and lift my hair to such heights? Clearly witchcraft is involved. If you have flat hair, consider picking up the mini version of this product for $6. If you have naturally full bodied locks, skip Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play unless you plan on creating extremely voluminous styles.

Water, Propylene Glycol, Silica Silyate, Acai Palm Pulp Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Passionflower Seed Oil, Sodium Benzoate

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