Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush Review

 Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush is a "plush, full-tapered brush that delivers the ultimate complexion luxury when applied in broad, sweeping strokes all over the face for medium to full coverage with Bare Minerals All Over Face&Body Colors and blush." I've previously tried this brand's Full Coverage Kabuki Brush and wasn't too impressed, so I was pretty neutral about getting a mini version of the Flawless Face Brush in the Bare Minerals Complexion Essentials value kit. I bought this three piece set at Ulta for $15. The full size of the Flawless Face Brush retails for $28. This brush is made of goat hair. Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush is made in China.

 This mini brush, which seems to be of the same quality as the full size, is much tinier than I expected! This brush has a full, fairly dense head made of light brown goat hair. There are a few splayed bristles, but not enough to make an impact on the overall quality and function of the brush. The bristles aren't particularly soft, but they are goat hair, so I shouldn't be surprised. This little brush has a nice metal ferrule that holds the bristles firmly.  The handle is really little, only about 1 1/2 inches long. The black handle has the Bare Minerals logo printed on one side and the brush name on the other; both in silver lettering. Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush does not shed during use or when washed. I've washed this tiny brush three times and its still good as new.
 To me, Bare Minerals' Flawless Face Brush has limited uses. This brush was included with Mineral Veil, a loose powder that I adore, but the Flawless Face Brush failed to apply it well. Though loose powders are out of the question, the mini Flawless Face Brush works nicely with pressed powders. This brush picks up the ideal amount of product and is good for patting and pressing the product into the skin, but it can also be used to buff powder in if you use the top of the brush. The size of the mini version of Bare Minerals' Flawless Face Brush also makes it useful for blush application if you're light handed. The full size is likely too large for blush application. As with all natural hair brushes, its best to use them only with powder products.
Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush is decent, I prefer it over the Full Coverage Kabuki. Be aware, if you ever buy a Bare Minerals value kit that includes the mini Flawless Face Brush, that they really mean mini. This brush is good for applying pressed powder, but not much else. Would I recommend Bare Minerals' Flawless Face Brush? Nah, Essence's Powder Brush is super similar and costs only $3-4 and is made of softer, synthetic bristles. I'll continue to use my Essence brush for both pressed and loose powders, but I'll keep this Bare Minerals brush around for travel purposes.

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