Zoya Blu Nail Polish Review

 Zoya describes their Blu nail polish as a "full coverage, soft and delicate pale baby blue with a glossy creme finish. A dreamy, calming blue that's both fun and flattering on the nails." Blue is part of Spring 2013's Lovely collection, but I believe its been added to Zoya's core collection. Zoya is a company I've had a really mixed experience with, so I didn't know how to feel when I received this polish in my May Ipsy Bag. Each Zoya nail polish contains 15ml (.5 fl oz) and retails for around $8. Zoya lacquers are formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, and dibutyl phthalates. Zoya products are available through the brand's website, at Ulta, and select nail salons and beauty supply stores. Zoya is a cruelty free brand. This nail lacquer was made in the United States.

 I'm a fan of Zoya's nail polish packaging. The glass bottles are short and chunky, rectangular, but with rounded edges. The bottles are topped with a round black cap. The Zoya logo is printed on the front of the bottle. A full ingredient list can be found on the back of the bottle. The shade name is located on a label on the bottom of the bottle. Zoya's brush is one of my favorites; short, round, never a bristle out of place. This brush is pretty easy to work with. Zoya's bottles are recyclable.
 Zoya's Blu has a thick but not goopy consistency. Application seems to differ each time I use this polish; sometimes it goes on quite smoothly, other times Blu can be a little chalky. Blu is rated 5 on Zoya's opacity scale, but I'd give it a 4. This shade is almost opaque in one coat, but a second coat is probably a good idea, just to smooth everything out. Blu is a fairly fast drying polish, probably about 45 seconds per coat. Wear is decent, I get about three days of wear from Blu with moderate tip wear and some peeling and chipping.
 Zoya's description of Blu pretty much says it all. It is a creamy baby blue, there isn't all that much more to add to it. I will say that Blu oxidizes a little as it dries, getting slightly darker than how it appears in the bottle. For me, that's a good thing. Blu is such a pastel shade, when initially applied it looks kinda off on my very fair skin. Once Blu warms up a little, I quite like the color. This blue is a soft, powdery color that's pretty similar to the color of my beloved stuffed Bunny, so I guess I'm partial to it just for sentimental reasons. Blu's finish is really smooth and glossy, as promised.
Surprisingly, I like Zoya's Blu Nail Polish. Application is inconsistent, but this lacquer seems to have a really nice formula. The wear is better than what I usually experience with Zoya polishes. I like the color of Blu a lot, it's a pretty, light blue; the color kinda has a special meaning to me. While I likely won't repurchase Blu, I'll continue to use and enjoy it from time to time. If you love baby blue hues, Zoya's Blu might be right up your alley. 

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