Sinful Colors Innocent Review

 Sinful Colors is a brand that I've had a very mixed experience with. Sinful doesn't go into detail about their formula or make any big claims, they simply state that their lacquers are DBP, Formaldehyde, and Toluene free. Sinful Colors was recently acquired by Revlon, one of my go-to brands for nail polish. Sinful Colors' shade selection is absolutely massive and they're always putting out limited edition collections. Innocent, the subject of this review, is part of the permanent range. Sinful Colors nail polishes contain 15ml (.5 fl oz) and retail for around $2, depending on where you buy them. Sinful Colors products are made in America and are not tested on animals. This brand is most easily found at drugstores in the US, but Sinful is expanding globally.

 Packaging for Sinful Colors nail polish isn't anything special. The glass bottles round and topped with a textured black cap. The Sinful Colors logo is embossed on the top of the cap. The front of the bottle also features the Sinful Colors logo. The back of the bottle offers a full ingredient list. The shade name and number can be found on a label on the bottom of the bottle. Sinful Color's brush is decent. Slightly longer than average, thin, pretty flexible with no splayed bristles.
 Innocent's formula is on the thicker side, yet for some reason it separates in the bottle very easily. Mixing this polish back together can be a challenge, considering no ball bearings are included in this polish. Once mixed back up, Innocent can be a little fussy to apply. The first coat goes on almost opaque, but separates on the nail. A second coat is obviously needed. That second coat gives Innocent a smooth, opaque finish. This polish has an average dry time, a little longer than a minute per coat. What definitely is above average is Innocent's wear. I can't keep most nail polishes on for longer than a day or two, but Innocent stays put for about four days on me with minimal chipping and wear. Removal is a cinch. Use a good base coat before applying Innocent or else it will stain your nails an awful yellow shade.
 I was kinda unsure about Innocent's color at first. In the bottle it looks a little gross, kinda between a pea and lime green. It applies that way, but it dries slightly darker, to a more appealing but still bright spring green. Sinful Color's Innocent has a nice, glossy cream finish. This color is great for summer, I've been wearing it exclusively for almost two weeks. I much prefer Innocent on the fingers as opposed to my toes. I gotta be real for a minute though, why is this polish called Innocent? What's so innocent about bright green?
I actually really like Sinful Colors' Innocent nail polish! The formula and application can be a little iffy, but this polish worth it. This polish lasts twice as long as most polishes do on me. Beware of staining though. This green hue isn't everyone's cup of tea, it wasn't mine at first, but it's grown on me. If you want a bright green polish for the summer, grab Sinful Colors' Innocent, the quality is great, especially for just $2.


  1. I don't believe these colours look very naughty at all.

  2. oh wow, this looks very similar to essies Naughty Nautical Limited Edition polish with the name "the more the merrier" - I reviewed and swatched the whole collection on my blog recently.
    Good to know, you can get the shade a lot cheaper.

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