NYC City's Clear Liquid Lipshine Review

 Late last year NYC (New York Color) reformulated their Liquid Lipshine glosses. NYC claims that these new and improved glosses will deliver "high drama color at a seriously low price. Pure pigments give a 3D effect that's off the charts glossy. Tons of hot new shades from preppy nudes to bold statement hues - all for less than your weekly fashion magazine!" New York Color offers a total of ten shades, I have City's Clear, which obviously is colorless. Reviewing a clear lip gloss seems kinda silly to me. This lip gloss contains 7.2ml (.24 fl oz). The SRP for these glosses is $2.49. NYC products can be bought at drugstores in a handful of countries (America, Canada, and England for sure, not sure where else). I received this lip gloss from Influenster as a reward in one of their brand challenges. This lip gloss was made in China. NYC says that they don't test on animals, but the brand is owned by Coty Inc, a company with a questionable testing policy.

 Packaging for this gloss is plain but the shape of the tube makes it interesting. The clear tube and black plastic cap are rounded, but also flat. The NYC logo is written on the tube in bubble letters, flanked by the product name, which is printed on the tube in silver lettering. Twisting off the black cap reveals a very interesting applicator. This certainly isn't your average doe foot, NYC's Liquid Lipshine's applicator is blunt and about 3/4" long. The wand is also super flexible. The way I'm describing it may make it sound cumbersome to use, but I actually find it to be pretty user friendly, especially if you have fuller lips like I do.
 Obviously I don't have anything to say about City's Clear's color, so lets move right along to the formula. NYC's Liquid Lipshine is a thin, non-sticky gloss with a shiny, but not "off the charts glossy" finish. I don't really reach for clear glosses regularly, I don't see the point of them. I wear NYC's City's Clear on days that I don't really want a lip color but feel like it would look strange if I had entirely bare lips. This gloss has decent lasting power, roughly 60-90 minutes. NYC's Liquid Lipshine gloss is comfortable to wear. This lip gloss has a strange, sweet scent that barely transfers onto the lips.
NYC's City's Clear Liquid Lipshine is a decent gloss. If you're looking for a basic, clear lip gloss, there's no reason to splurge, grab this affordable gloss instead. The price is extremely fair for what it is. I feel like this review was really short, but how much I can say about a clear gloss? Anyway, NYC's City's Clear Liquid Lipshine is good, but nothing amazing. I wouldn't buy this gloss in the clear shade, but I'd consider trying one of the colors. 

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  1. It looks great on you. But with questionable testing standards... that kind of makes me not want to get it.