Lash Cards Review

 Lash Cards are "ideal for separating lashes, layering mascara, hard to reach lashes and bottom lashes" and "helps prevent clumping and smudging".  I've been a long time doubter of Lash Cards, so I was kinda annoyed when they showed up in my March Ipsy Bag These "Individually wrapped mascara shields" retail for $6.99 for a pack of 10 one time use cards. I received a packet of 4. Lash Cards can be ordered through the brand's website, or purchased at a handful of retailers, a listing can be found on the Lash Card website. Lash Cards have been featured in Glamour, Seventeen, People, and InStyle magazines.

 My Lash Cards came packaged in a pink envelope with the company logo on the front and directions for use on the back. Each Lash Card is individually wrapped, as promised. The cards are made of thick paper, very similar to that of a business card. Lash Cards were inspired by the age old makeup artist trick of putting a business card behind the lashes to prevent smudging. The Lash Card logo is printed on each card in pink lettering. Two curved notches are cut on opposite sides of the card, one for large eyes, and one for smaller eyes. Both notches are too small for my eye shape, which is strange, I don't really consider my eyes particularly large. I find Lash Cards cumbersome to use. I agree that Lash Cards do help prevent mascara smudges on the brow bone, but the rest of the claims are moot. I really can't see how these little paper tools help separate the lashes. I mean maybe if Lash Cards fit your eye shape, they can help you get to the root of your lashes, but for me it actually creates a gap, causing me to hit my lash line more.
Lash Cards didn't work for me, and I'm ok, I didn't really want them to. These are like, the ultimate gimmick. Alice K., the genius behind Lash Cards, must be making mad bucks, can you even imagine the profit margin on these things? It must be massive. Save your self a few bucks and buy ELF's Studio Mascara Shield, or even better, go out and buy a packet of index cards, trace your lash line, and make your own Lash Cards. I'm still kinda cross that Ipsy included these in one of their bags. Anyway, in closing, Lash Cards are silly.

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  1. I was going to mention that you can just use something like index cards, haha. I use old business cards that I pick up here and there!

    Then again, people will buy anything these days...

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  3. It's ok, we'll play blackjack with these cards. I'll win.