Essie Shine of the Times Luxe Effect Nail Lacquer Review

 Essie's Shine of the Times is one of the coveted nail polishes on the drugstore level. I'm, not even sure if this was limited edition, discontinued, or just rare. This polish is a flaky glitter top coat meant for layering. Essie describes Shine of the Times as a "scintillating opalescent aura". Damn, Essie, look at that vocabulary. I'm not very familiar with Essie polishes, this is actually my very first one, sent to me in a swap with my friend Stephanie. Essie polishes are DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde free. Essie nail lacquers contain 13.5 ml (.46 oz) and retail for between $5-9, depending on where you buy them. I'm unsure if Essie is cruelty free or not, I see a lot of conflicting information, so please do your own research before buying.

 Essie nail lacquers come in a square glass bottle topped with a white plastic cap. The Essie logo is embossed on two sides of the bottle. The logo makes a third appearance on the label, along with the product name. It's a weird thing to mention, but the two ball bearings in this polish's bottle seem twice the size of the ones in your average polish. I've always been partial to Essie's packaging. The brush is pretty average in length, flat, with no splayed bristles.
 Shine of the Times is a pretty thin nail polish, which surprised me because it's completely packed with glitter. I was kinda doubtful about this polish, I've previously had a bad experience with flaky polishes. The other one I tried was awful,I had to fish out each glitter flake, which didn't lay flat on the nail and eventually fell off. Shine of the Times applies very smoothly, the glitters are plentiful in each coat and they stick to the nail. Shine of the Times dries in about a minute, maybe a little less. This polish suffers from shrinkage, so it doesn't wear quite as long as I'd like.
 Essie's Luxe Effect in Shine of the Times is kinda beautiful. Essie hit the nail on the head when they called it "scintillating" and "opalescent". Each flake of the multi-chromatic glitter catches the light so well. Shine of the Times looks different over every polish it's layered over and in every angle its viewed from. The flakes in Shine of the Times (the base is clear by the way), mainly flash red and gold, but it'll also show green, pink, orange, and blue. This reflective top coat looks best over dark colors with cream finishes, but let's be honest, a polish this prismatic looks beautiful no matter how its used.
I love Essie's Shine of the Times! This truly is the most gorgeous of all glitter polishes. I urge Essie to put this shade back on the shelves. I'm kinda rationing my bottle, hoping to find another somewhere. If I could repurchase it this polish, I would without question. I can't recommend Shine of the Times enough, if you see it, you have to get it! I imagine most fans of flaky polishes already have it; it definitely changed my mind about flakies. I would pair this top coat with any polish in my collection.

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  1. This is one of my all time favorite nail polishes!

  2. Very pretty I love this polish I have no idea where mine is though :(

  3. One of my all time favorite nail polishes. Love how you can transform plain nail polish in to something really pretty.

    1. Agreed. I think its particularly pretty over grey polishes.

  4. It looks like fairy bread in the bottle.

  5. That's a really pretty color! Great review. I found your blog through the On the Brightside Hop :)