Avon Naturals Pomegranate&Mango Shower Gel and Body Lotion Review

 Avon describes their Pomegranate&Mango line as a "sparkling blend of lush pomegranate and juicy mango to delight the senses and refresh the body and soul." I recently delved back into Avon's Naturals line after being distracted by other bath and body brands. I previously reviewed the Pomegranate&Mango Body Spray, and today I'm following it up with a review of the Shower Gel and Body Lotion. I received both of these products as a gift from my mummy. The shower gel contains 5 fl oz (150ml) and sells for $6, though Avon recently released a  "bonus size" 15 fl oz size which retails for $10. The lotion contains 8.4 fl oz (250ml) and sells for $7. Avon's Naturals line is almost always on sale, so you'll likely catch a deal. Both of these products were made in America. Avon products are not directly tested on animals, but the brand recently expanded to China, where their products may be tested.

 Avon's Naturals packaging is pretty simple. The lotion comes in a cylindrical bottle and is topped with a clear flip top cap. A label wraps around the bottle. The front features images of pomegranates and mangoes, along with the product name. The back of the label offers a description and full ingredient list. I've never really been a fan of Avon's shower gel packaging, unique as it may be. The bottle is thin and has a hook shape at the top. The bottle is meant to hang on your shower head, which is actually really quite handy, but some product always gets stuck in it and it just kinda irritates me. The shower gel's labeling is very similar to the lotions. Both products' packaging is recyclable.
 Avon says their Naturals Pomegranate&Mango Shower Gel is "formulated with BioSeed complex and pure pomegranate and mango extracts, this refreshing shower gel leaves skin cleansed and conditioned. Maintains skin's natural moisture". In all honesty, I'm not really a fan of this shower gel formula. I need to use quite a bit of to get a decent lather, so I'm blowing through this bottle. This shower gel rinses cleanly and that's about it. The Naturals shower gel formula doesn't seem to be beneficial or detrimental to my skin in anyway. The Pomegranate&Mango scent is very light and doesn't impart much scent onto the skin.
 Moving on to the lotion, my opinion is entirely different. I really love the Avon Naturals Body Lotion formula! A little bit of this lotion goes a long way, while I'm half way through the shower gel, I'm only a third of the way through the lotion. This lotion formula is light and non-greasy but quite hydrating. Avon says their lotion formula, which also contains BioSeed complex and pomegranate and mango extracts, will "leave skin feeling soft, supple, and smooth." All true, at least in my experience. Like the shower gel, the Pomegranate&Mango body lotion is light in fragrance, but it clings to the skin a bit more.
As I mentioned in my review for the Pomegranate&Mango Body Spay, that this scent is my preferred for Avon's Antibacterial Hand Soap. Because of that I'm a little sick of it. I don't really like it in body spray form. As a shower gel, Pomegranate&Mango is zesty but sweet, smelling more of pomegranate than mango. The body lotion, while still sweet and fruity, has a bit more of an citrusy edge to it, I guess that's the mango. I like Avon's Pomegranate&Mango scent best in lotion form. Overall I'm not in love with any of these products, except the lotion, which I highly recommend. The rest? Meh.