Sample Say So: Minerals By Bee Sugar Smoothie Body Creme Review

 Minerals by Bee is an indie brand that I really do not trust. Right away I had customer service issues, it took me nearly three months to receive my sample packets. Among the samples I received was the Sugar Smoothie Body Creme. Minerals by Bee says that this lotion is "made using deliciously sweet aroma of vanilla, grapefruit, and orange with a dash of shimmer. To keep you smelling good with a hint of sparkle". I was sent a .17 oz (5g) sample. The full size contains 2 oz and retails for $8. Minerals by Bee products can be bought through the brand's website. Minerals by Bee products are cruelty free and supposedly made to order. This indie company is based in Des Moines, Iowa.

 Minerals by Bee's Sugar Smoothing Body Cree came to me in a white and yellow foil packet. The packet features the product name on the front and instructions on the back. The packets were what tipped me off that Minerals by Bee's products are repackaged. First of all, the packet also has Spa Beauty Essentials printed on it. Go ahead and Google the name of this product and you'll see that lots of companies repackage and resell this product. I don't know who the owner was trying to fool. Besides, if you're going to get a nice little packet like this printed up, you'd have your company's name printed on it, you would't affix a tiny little label. I cannot comment on the product's full size packaging.
 Minerals by Bee's Sugar Smoothie Body Creme is a thick white lotion with some shimmer mixed in. It has a cooling feel as its applied. This cream sinks in just about immediately. The Sugar Smoothie Body Creme doesn't deliver any noticeable moisture, but it seems to soften the skin. The shimmer the Sugar Smoothie Body Creme leaves behind is minimal. The scent of this lotion really put me off. Minerals by Bee describes it as "vanilla, grapefruit, and orange". What it really smells like is extremely sweet, sugary, chemically, artificial fruit. It really is awful, gross, and cloying. In a way the scent kind reminds me of a bug repellent or something.
Minerals by Bee's Sugar Smoothie Body Creme isn't necessarily a bad product. This lotion isn't hydrating, but it makes my skin feel really soft. Whether or not you're a fan of of the shimmer this lotion deposits is really a matter of personal preference. I don't mind it one way or the other. The scent is really not my cup of tea at all. This isn't a product I'd recommend. If it sounds like a lotion you'd love, I suggest buying it from with an honest repackaging policy. 

Ingredients Unavailable. 

I received this product for free during a promotion run by the company.

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