Sample Say So: Minerals by Bee Fruit Enzyme Peel Review

 Minerals by Bee is a brand I've previously slammed twice, but this time I might just have something good to say. Today I tried out the Fruit Enzyme Peel. There's no straightforward description of this product, more of a list of traits:

  • Enzymatic Exfoliator
  • Skin Brightening
  • Enriched with anti-bacterial salicylic acid
  • Tones and clarifies
  • Non-irritating
  • Contains ingredients known to reduce inflammation
  • Naturally calming and soothing
I received a 5g (.17 oz) sample of the Fruit Enzyme Peel in a free packet of samples. The full sized peel contains 2 fl oz and retails for $25. Minerals by Bee products can be purchased through the brand's website. This Iowa based brand claims that their products are cruelty free and made to order, though the latter simply isn't true. Minerals by Bee products are repackaged, I believe from a brand called Credentials. 
 The Fruit Enzyme Peel came packaged in a white and green foil packet. The products name is printed on the front of the packet, a Minerals by Bee stick is also affixed to the packet. Directions can be found on the back. I'm unsure of what the full sized packaging is like. As stated in my review of Minerals by Bee's Sugar Smoothie Body Creme, these foil packets were what immediately tipped me off about this brand being sketchy.
 Minerals by Bee's Fruit Enzyme Peel is a thick, mint green gel. This gel formula mask spreads easily and evenly over the skin. To be honest, I was a little nervous to try this product, I'd never used a peel before and have heard about how irritating they can be. Minerals by Bee suggests letting the Fruit Enzyme Peel sit on the skin for 10-15 minutes, I left it on for about 12. When first applied, I noticed a bit of a tingle, the tingle intensified over time, but at no point did it become uncomfortable or painful.This peel rinsed off with ease. Initially, my skin was a little red and felt tight and mildly irritated, but it settled down after about an hour. I noticed that the Fruit Enzyme Peel seemed to really pull impurities out of the skin, several small pimples came to head while this peel was on. Overall, this Fruit Enzyme Peel left my skin with a more even tone and it seemed fairly softening as well. My one dislike about this product is the chemically scent that lingered the whole time it was on my face.
Minerals by Bee's Fruit Enzyme Peel is pretty decent. It seemed to help clarify and even out my complexion as promised. I'm kinda surprised at how non-irritating this peel was, now I'm not so afraid to try other peels in the future. I can't say I'd recommend this product, because of the shady nature of the brand. If you're interested in a mild but effective peel, try the Fruit Enzyme Peel, but buy it from a company with a more honest repackaging policy and better customer service. 

Ingredients Unavailable. 

I received a free sample of this product during a promotion the brand was offering.