Product I've Hit Pan On - Updated

A few months ago I did the "Products I've Hit Pan On" tag. Six months later, I thought it was time for an update on my progress. Many of the products featured in the tag have departed from my collection, others haven't been used all that much more, and there are two new additions.

 Essence Bronzing Compact in Bronzing Queen. I feel like I've put a decent dent in it since last time. 
 Essence Shimmer Powder in Prettylicious. I've doubled the size of the pan that's showing. Now that it's heading into summer I can see myself finishing this powder off pretty fast. 
 A new product on the list, ELF's Complexion Perfection. I go through these powders pretty regularly, this is my third or fourth one. 
 Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder. This one was really a surprise for me, since I only use it twice a week. I noticed a small dent, and next thing I knew it was halfway done. 
ELF Shimmer Palette. I feel like I've only really diminished the white shade, which you can't really see because glare. I'm tempted to throw this palette away since I've had it about 2 years and I have better highlighters now, but I feel like finishing it would be an achievement.

What products are you working on finishing? Tell me in the comments.


  1. Looks like you're doing well using up products, especially when they take so long to hit pan on. I have a couple of blushes that I'm trying to use up just because I have a ridiculous amount and want to start replacing them with higher end ones x

    Stacey| Beautiful Solutions

  2. you did very well. I have so much in my stash that I haven't been able to hit pan on anything yet but will keep trying.