Loova Citrus Bliss Bath Blaster Review

Loova is a local Pittsburgh based company that specalises in "hand made bath and body product bursting with essential oils to sooth, revitalize, and relax your body, mind, and soul." A while back I was out to lunch with Dean and stopped at their shop in Station Square and picked up three of their Mini Bath Blasters. I've always thought bath bombs and the like were a silly thing to spend money on, but Loova's are pretty reasonably priced, selling for $2.50 each, or 3/$6 or 6/$12. I picked up two in their Sweet Pea scent, and one in Citrus Bliss. Loova offers eight scents total. Loova says that the size of their mini bath blasters shouldn't fool you because they're "packed full of cocoa butter and yummy oils to moisturize and sooth." Loova products can be bought through the brand's website, at their two stores in Station Square and Castle Shannon, and at specialty boutiques throughout the country. Loova products are handmade right here in Pittsburgh, and of course they're cruelty free. 

Loova's Mini Bath Blasters are pretty small, about 6" in diameter, less than half the size of most Lush bath bombs. The Citrus Bliss Bath Blaster is yellow with orange speckles. These bath bombs are round with indentations at the top and bottom. Loova's Bath Blasters seem to be quite delicate and powdery. These little bath fizzies come wrapped individually or in trios. The six packs come in little egg cartons. Loova's Citrus Bliss Mini Bath Blaster fizzes instantly when it hits the water. This bath bomb took roughly 3 minutes to dissolve completely. Citrus Bliss tinged the water yellow, cuing lots of immature lols. As they dissolve, Loova's Bath Blaster release an impressive amount of moisturizing oils that seem to sink in and leave my skin feeling super silky. The oils, nor the color leave behind any residue in my tub. 
I'm not much of a citrus fan, but I liked the scent of Citrus Bliss well enough. Citrus Bliss as an effervescent mix of equal parts lemon and orange. The fragrance is light and very natural, not overly sweet or sugary at all. The scent of Citrus Bliss lingers on the skin just a little bit. I paired Citrus Bliss with Bath&BodyWorks Wild Citrus Sunflower Shower Gel and Fruits&Passion Grapefruit Guava Body Cream. It made for a pleasant but subtle fruity bath, very citrusy, which wasn't the best idea considering I took this bath at 1am. 
I really like Loova's Mini Bath Blasters. I still think bath bombs are kinda a waste of money, but I'd much rather buy six of Loova's rather than two of Lush's the same price. Loova's scent selection is limited and their Bath Blasters don't have all the bells and whistles other bath bombs do, but they deliver a surprising amount of moisture. I think I'll try another couple scents in the future. If you love bath products, check out Loova and support small businesses. 

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  1. I remember getting these and then waiting an hour in the cold. ;-;

  2. Ugh, I LOVE Wild Citrus Sunflower! I only purchased the spray and I wish I had at least picked up the lotion too =(